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Everest 345 mod g wk 2

professionalism the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or make a profession
perspective view of things in their true relationship or relative importance
communication process by which information is exchanged
exemplify serve as an example
RACE remove, activate, contain, extinguish/evacuate
impending about to occur or happen
OSHA occupational safety and health administration
CDC center for disease control
ADA Americans with disabilites act
ergonomics science that deals with peoples performance and good health while carrying out job tasks
PPE personal protective equipment
transition change
perplexing filled with uncertainty; puzzled or full of difficulty
ardently characterized by warmth of feeling; passionate
compensation to make amends or pay
intellectualization engaged in activity requiring the creative use of the intellect
obligation a formal contract, promise to pay what is due
co-pay amount of money an insurance company requires a patient to pay
demographic data relating to such things as age, gender and education
overbooking scheduling more than one patient in the same time slot
collating collecting all the material pertaining to a patient in one file
protocol a standard
seniority an individual who has been with an organization the longest
grievance real or imaginary wrong regarding a cause for complaint or resentment
caustic capable of buring or eating away tissue
inventory a list of articles with a description and quantity of each
mandate to require
Created by: everest