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Old Testament intro

how many and who wrote them? 39 books; prophets, priests, kings, and leaders from Israel wrote them
Describe the flow of the OT Creation Fall Judgement Fathers of the chosen nation History of Israel
What is the history of Israel? Exile in Egypt, Exodus and wandering, conquest of canaan, judges lead, united kingdom, divided kingdom, exile in babylon, return an building of land
What are the 5 ideas that make up the OT? Law, History, Wisdom, Major prophets, and Minor prophets
What is the character of god? makes man and makes himself known to man (his holiness and perfection is revealed through this)
How is God Revealed? creation angels miracles visions spoken word by prophets written scripture (OT)
Gods judgement for sin and disobedience 2 chapters dont deal with sin (genesis 1-2) shows devastation caused by disobedience to God's law
Gods blessing for faith and obedience repentance from sin blesses faith blesses obedience to his word
Sacrifice for sin Genesis- seed of woman will destroy satan mosaic law- sacrifice prophets- suffering
Kingdom of glory kingdom ruled by Messiah salvation of israel salvation of gentiles resurrection of dead new heaven and earth
Difference between Torah and Holy Scriptures Chronicles in history vs. writings in torah former and later prophets in torah/ major and minor in scripture writings in torah vs. poetry and wisdom in scripture
where did the OT begin, how and where did it expand to? started in Palestine, some went to babylon and some went to Egypt. Ezra created "Old Palestinian" text (babylon text and possibly one that remained in Palestine)
What did egypt do in the textual development? developed a form of "old Palestinian"called the "proto-Septuagint" in hebrew
What did the people in Babylon do in textual development? created the text "Proto- Masoretic"
What happened when all 3 texts came back to Palestine? "Samaritan recension" was developed but each text continued to be used in its own form.
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