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Everest 345 mod a wk 1

active voice the subject of the sentence performs the action
redundant repetitive, being in excess
passive voice the subject of the sentence receives the action
transcription listening to dictation while typing into a written record
proof reading reviewing or reading printed, typed, and handwritten material to check for content and errors
inactive files for people who have not been seen for a specific period of time
numeric filing system which assigns numbers to each persons name
closed files for people who are no longer patients
active files for patients who are current patients
archives file or information that has been placed in storage
triage to determine the priority for handling patients with severe conditions and injuries.
acute condition illness or injury that comes upon the patient suddenly and requires treatment
matrix base upon which to build, for example, to develop a shape of format for the daily schedule
wave flexible scheduling in which each hour is divided into segments of time
assessment evaluation
empathy the ability to imagine how another person is feeling
feedback any response to a communication
sympathy feeling sorry for someone
restating directing the conversation back to a person by stating what they said in different terms
reflective directing the conversation back to a person by repeating the words
assertive the practice of declaring a point in a positive manner
adm admission, admit
bx biopsy
c/o complains of
cc chief complaint
cpx complete physicial exam
d/c discharge, discontinue
dx diagnosis
FH family history
fu follow-up
fuo fever of unknown origin
lmp last menstrual period
n/c no charge, no complaint
pe physical exam
ph prior history
POMR problem orientated medical records
r/o rule out
ros review of systems
SOAP subjective, objective, assessment, plan
sob short of breath
sx symptoms
tx treatment
wnl within normal limits
pi present illness
rx prescription
Created by: everest