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career week one


Self-Directed Job Search active participation in finding employment (on your own)
Plan of action set schedule of what to complete in your job search
Traditional Methods using ads to find employment
Persistent hard working
Dexterity moving quickly
Responsible one who meets obligation to carry out duty
Motivated one who is interested & committed to accomplish certain goals & desires
Dedicated devoted to a cause or purpose
Time Management in control of your time
Communication exchange of written or spoken information
Prospective Employer a list of places you want to work for
Active Listening to hear with a thoughtful attention
Open ended questions a question that requires more than a yes/no answer
Stress Mental emotional reaction (pressure/overwhelmed
Networking letting people know you're looking for a job
Cold Calls placing calls to a prospective client with whom you have no prior contact
Success desired outcome (achieving goals)
Coordinator one who place or class things together (one who plans)
Talented one who has the ability in a certain field/activity (skills your good at)
Manager one who is in charge of business affairs (supervisor)
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