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4030 wk 1

terms and abbv.

ASCVD Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
MI Myocardial Infraction
ROS Review of System
CPT Current Procedural Terminology
NEC Not Elsewhere Classified
NOS Not Otherwise Classified
CC Chief Complaint
ICD-9-CM International Classification review Disease Ninth Revision Clinical Modification
CMIT Current Medical Information Terminology
NIDDM Type ll Diabetes/ noninsulin diabetes mellitus
HTN Hypertension
MSP Medicare Secondary Payer
IDDM Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus Type l diabetes
NPO Nothing by Mouth
Q Each or Every
DSM-IV Diagnostic and Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders Fourth Edition
Cheif Complaint Primary reason for the encounter
Combination Code A code from one section of the procedural code book combined with a code from another section that is used to completely describe a procedure performed.
Global Surgery Code A surgical pre and postoperative visit not requiring additional trips to the OR are included in one fee per medicare policy.
Adverse Effect An unfavorable, detrimental, or pathologic reaction to a drug
Etiology The cause of disease; the study of the cause of disease
Intoxication A diagnostic coding term that relates to an adverse, affect rather than a poisoning when drugs are involved.
Italicized Code A diagnostic code in icd-9-cm, volume 1, tabular list, that may be sequenced as the principal diagnosis.
Late Effect An inactive residual effect condition procedure after the acute phase of an illness or injury has ended.
Malignant Tumor An abnormal growth that has the properties of an invasion and metastasis
Not Otherwise Specified Unspecified used in ICD-9-CM numeric code system for coding diagnoses
Physician Fee Profile A compilation of each physician’s charges and payments
Poisoning A condition resulting from an overdose of drugs or chemical substance or from the wrong drug taken in error.
Slanted Bracket A symbol used with a diagnostic code on ICD-9-CM, volume 2, alphabetic index indicating the code may never sequenced as the principal diagnosis.
Secondary Diagnosis A reason subsequent to the primary diagnosis for an office or hospital encounter.
In Situ A description applied to a malignant growth confined to the site of origin without invasion of neighboring.
Metastasis Process in which tumor cells spread and transfer from one organ to another site
Not Elsewhere Classified This term id used in ICD-9-Cm diagnostic coding system when the code lacks the information necessary to code the term in a more specific category.
E-Codes ICD-9-CM codes used to describe external cause of injury, poisoning, and other adverse effects.
V-Codes ICD-9CM codes used to identify health encounter from other than illness or injury.
Combination A disease or condition arising during the course of as a result of, another disease modifying medical care requirements.
Created by: markitaboyles