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CNS Terms

UAMS Dispensing CNS Terms

irrational fear of open spaces or public places agoraphobia
fear of pain algophobia
inequality of pupil diameter anisocoria
lack or loss of appetite anorexia
lack of strength or energy asthenia
grinding or clenching of teeth usually occurring during sleep bruxism
double vision diplopia
a speech disorder consisting of imperfect articulation dysarthria
perversion of the sense of taste dysgeusia
synonym of dysguesia parageusia
inpaired digestion dyspepsia
difficulty in swallowing dysphagia
inflammation of the brain encephalitis
abnormal protrusion of the eyeball exophthalmos
small local contractions of muscle visible through the skin fasciculation
presence of excess amounts of gas in the stomach or intestine flatulence
enlargement of gum tissue produced by factors other than local irritation gingival hyperplasia
inflammation of the tongue glossitis
yawning hiation
synonym for hiation oscitation
transitional state preceding sleep hypnagogic
exceptionally acute hearing hyperacusis
diminished sensitivity to touch hypoesthesia
synonym of hypoesthesia hypesthesia
involuntary, rapid, rhythmic movement of the eyeball nystagmus
a sensation of burning, prickling, or tingling on the skin parasthesia
drooping of the upper eyelid ptosis
drowsiness somnolence
snore stertor
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