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R/S Islam SAC part 2

Taliban Muslim extremist group in Afghanistan. ‘pious scholars’
Quraysh Mohammad’s tribe descended from Ishmael
Umar The lion of God, military leader, father of one of Muhammad's wives
Ayishah Mohammad’s favourite wife. Engaged at aged 9.
Sufism Mystical branch of Islam
Ummah The world wide Muslim community of believers.
Medina The city of the prophet “Mo”
Mecca The holy city or city of God in Saudi Arabia (place of Muhammad’s birth)
Abdul Muttalib Mohammad’s grandfather - caretaker of the ka’ba
Semitic Sub group of Afro-Asiatic of languages, including Hebrew, arabic and aramaic
Al’aqsa Mosque on temple Mt in Jerusalem
Aqiqa Naming ceremony for children
Arabia Birthplace of Islam
Muhammad “praised one” - last in the line of God’s holy prophets
Hijra Muhammad’s flight from Mecca to Medina and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar July 622AD
Khadijah Muhammad’s first wife, a former catholic nun
Sha’ir A knower or seer “prophet”
Hadith A collection of Muhammad’s sayings and other details of his life.
Jerusalem The third holiest site in Islam after Mecca and Medina
Islam Submission to Allah. Peace/health/wellbeing
Essential attribute to God in Islam GOD IS ONE.
Starting date for Islam June/July 622AD
Geography of the Arabian peninsula West - red sea/Egypt east - Persian gulf/Iran North - Syrian desert south - arabian sea/indian ocean
Where Islam spread North - syria West - Egypt East - Bahrain South - Oman
Muhammad’s prophetic heritage Moses and Jesus
Weird events in Muhammad’s life: Two beings opened him up and fixed a black spot in his heart---- Approached by angel Gabriel in a cave - Laylat al’ Qudr - night of power----Went to Jerusalem and heaven on a white horse.
Muhammad’s view on marriage for polygamy, against polyandry
Date for first Muslims in Australia 1860 - wanted Muslims to forge the railway in the desert - they know how to live in the desert
European countries where Islam is now the largest religion Britain---Belgium---Netherlands
slam infiltrated the West through migration - in large numbers.
what food is despised by Muslims? PORK, animal blood and carrion
Islamic views on sex/celibacy/abortion: abstinence, against celibacy, certain conditions for contraception, check abortion in diff countries, circumcision for boys, genital mutilation for girls.
Islamic views on contraception: can be practiced with no conditions - in some countries --- okay if the wife consents --- it is always lawful
practical ways Muslims show respect for the Qu'ran and how they view the Qu'ran Never held below the waist - stored in the highest place---They view it as the word of God nothing to do with man----Kiss it as a sign of respect before opening----It is read it is placed on a decorated stand
3 ways of holiness in Islam Praying 5 times a day ---- fasting one month a year --- special festivals
Difference between Islam and Christian funerals Length of time before the body is buried
Date of the Ottoman empire 1281 - 1922AD
Extent/limit of Muslim expansion north/south South - spain, North - Vienna in Austria
Redemptive suffering Willing to die for their faith - Shi’a or Shi'ites
Secular Islamic countries Turkey, Libya
General Muslim view of the West Sexually immoral, drunk, corrupt and violent
Current number of Muslims in the world 1billion + and growing rapidly
Islamic militants are now fighting: Nigeria, Afghanistan, Iraq
Importance of the Battle of Badr Muhammad defeats the Meccans
Holiest shrine in Islam Ka’ ba - in Mecca
Divination Practices in Muhammad's time
4 e.g. Muhammad’s humility: Mended his clothes---Made his own shoes---Rode a donkey---Wore inexpensive clothing
precise reason for the ongoing conflict between Sunni and Shi'ite Islam
Muhammad's view on idol worship
spiritual forefather of Muslims Jews and Christians
only sin that Allah will not forgive in the final judgement
the holy day in Islam
3 individuals featured in the DVD inside Mecca
how the world is divided acc. to Islam (the only 2 groups) SUnni / Shi'a
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