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R/S Islam SAC

R/S Islam SAC day 1

what is the 1st pillar? kalima - confession - there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah
what is the 2nd pillar? Saum - Fasting - they fast for one month each year in the month of Ramadan
what is the 3rd pillar? Salah - Prayer - They pray 5 times a day in the direction of Mecca
what is the 4th pillar? Zakat - Charity - 2.5% of savings goes towards charity (helping the poor)
what is the 5th pillar? Hajj - Pilgrimage to Mecca - once in a lifetime.
what is the 6th pillar? Jihad - Holy War - sometimes referred to as the 6th pillar
4 aspects of Islamic fundamentalist conflict with the secular state ( 4 things they reject) 1. universal rights and civil law upon religious group rights and religious law 2. equality of men/women 3. separation of church/state 4. certain religious rights
3 examples of terrorist attacks by Muslim militants in 1990s 1.
4 reasons why Islamic militants hate the West: 1. US invasion of Iraq --- 2. US support of Israel, esp over the Palenstinian issue --- 3. US presence on sacred Saudi soil - Mecca --- 4. US support of what are considered to be corrupt, dictatorial Islamic regimes - Saudi Arabia
4 regions of the world where Islam is the main relgion Indonesia/Malaysia --- N Africa --- the 'stans' --- Middle East except for Israel
Islamic country which is governed by a religious elite Iran - Shi'ites
3 rituals associated with the Hajj refrain from sexual activity --- can't cut hair and nails --- ritual bath and wear white clothing
3 ways Muslims are using to increase their influence in countries like Australia building of mosques and schools --- publications --- donations to universities in return for Muslim faculties
oil imperialism Western countries week to influence affairs in Muslim countries because of the presence of oil
fundamentalism Literalist interpretation of Quran,sacred texts, Sharia law and Islamic State.
Militants Extremist believers who engage in combative or aggressive behaviour in support of their beliefs
Fatwa A religious ruling
Terrorist Islamic militants willing to die and kill for their faith
1979 - 1989 soviets in Afghanistan
what does bin Laden think about Israel and the US
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