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A & P Cardio

ALH 155 Heart

Vocabulary WordDefinition
myocardium muscular middle layer of the heart
endocardium innermost layer of the heart
epicardium outermost layer of the heart
mediastinum region between the 2 lung cavities
sulcus shallow groove
atrium smaller receiving chambers of the heart
ventricle large chambers in the bottom of the heart that discharge blood
stent fine wire-mesh tube inserted into a vessel, holding it open
systole contraction phase of the cardiac cycle
diastole relaxation phase of the cardiac cycle
vasodilation accelerate blood flow through their tissue of origin
intercalated discs cardiac muscle fiber connections
apex inferior pointed tip of the heart
auricle external flap on the heart visible when the atrium is relaxed
cusps the free edge of each valve consisting of flaps of tissue
electrocardiogram recording of the electrical events occurring in the heart
bradycardia abnormally slow heart rate
tachycardia abnormally fast heart rate
chordae tendineae tendinous connective tissue fibers that hold the cusps in place
aorta largest artery coming up and out of the heart
Created by: kfuentes