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Specimen Plates

samples, temperature, and media

Throat swabs are incubated at 35 degrees celcius in an anO2 in what media? Blood Agar or CNA
for Vaginal (>13 years) samples use a.... gram stain and wet prep
CLED plates are made up of; cystine, lactose, electrolyte deficient media
a selective enrichment for Salmonella while inhibiting non-pathogens selenite broth
urine samples are streaked onto what medias? BAP and MAC or a C.L.E.D. plate with acid fuchsin
urine samples, and urethral samples are incubated at what temperature and environment? 35 degrees celsius in an O2 environment
a MAC plate does what? differentiates between lactose and non lactose fermenters
BAP with staph streak incubated at 35 degrees in CO2, or BAP and CHOC and MAC in O2 at 35 degrees is suitable for what sample? Sputum
what sample is incubated at 30 degrees in an O2 environment? a stool sample from a child
What growth media is used for a child's stool sample? a CIN plate
Bronchial or endotracheal tube specimens are which type of specimen? Sputum
HEK is what? Hektoen Enteric agar
GC selective, is selective for what? Neisseria gonorrhea
For catheter tips, before they are incubated on a BAP or CHOC plate, what needs to be done? they need to be cut into 5-7 cm lengths and rolled in 4 directions on the plate
what is the most common stain for microscopy? the Gram stain
CAMP is what? Campylobacter agar
MAC, SMAC, HEK, CAMP and selenite broth can all be used as a media for what kind of sample? stool samples
Created by: danberriman