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Microbiology Items


Transport Media Stuart and Amies
Gram positive appearance (color) Purple
Gram negative appearance (color) Pink or red
Cocci (pleural - coccus) round bacteria
Bacilli (plueral - bacillus) rod shaped bacteria
strepto bacteria forming a chain (think a strep/strip thatlooks line a line)
staphylo bacteria forming a cluster (think of a staff (staph) of workers that are a group that work together)
The percentage of all microorganisms that cause disease is_____ Fewer than 1% of microorganisms are pathogens
Pathogen A disease causing microorganism
Some microorganisms are normally found in the body True - we have a 'normal flora' of bacteria that help with functions of the body such as digestion.
POL stands for______________/ Physician's Office Laboratory
What bacterial culture cannot be refrigerated after collection? Gonorrhea culture (agar plate should be body temperature prior to inoculation as well)
Fungal infections may be determined by________________ Wet mount (potassium hydroxide - KOH and/or saline solution)smear and slide for microscopic exam and fungal culture
Spirillum (pleural spirilla) Spiral shaped bacteria
Tightly coiled spirilla Spirochetes
diplo- term used to indicated double or two eg. bacteria found in pairs such as diplococcus
tetrads groups of four
sarcinae packets of eight or sixteen
anaerobes bacteria that die in the presence of oxygen
aerobes bacteria that require oxygen to live
facultative anaerobes bacteria that are flexible concerning oxygen requirements - can survive with or without oxygen
prokaryotes a unicellular organism with cells that lack a membrane-bound nucleus eg. bacteria
eukaryote single celled or multicellular organisms with cells that contain a distince membrane-bound nucleus eg. fungus
helminths worms
Protozoa single-celled parasitic eukaryotes
all-purpose or nutritive culture media supports growth of a wide variety of bacteria
selective culture media supports growth of one type of organism while inhibiting the grow of others.
differential culture media culture media that contains chemicals or dyes that alter the appearance of certain types of bacteria
enriched culture media contains comles organic materials that certain fastidious species must have to multiply eg. blood agar for growth of streptococcus pyogenes
gram stain chemicals used primary dye (crystal violet), mordant (grams iodine), decolorizer, counterstain (safranin)
Acid-fast stain Used to identify Mycobacterium species (pathogen of TB and MAC a soil organism causing respiratory illness). The process disrupts the waxy cell wall to facilitate staining. AFB = acid fast bacilli
Ziehl-Neelsen and Kinyoun protocol Processes of acid-fast staining
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment passed in 1988 to oversee proper lab procedures
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