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Masking 3

Interpretation of Masking Function

Where Cross hearing is not present
What is Undermasking? Where the masking level is audible but has no masking effect.
When can it affect the function? Up to 10dB above Effective masking - check masking is on!
Where are the tone and masking heard? Both heard in the NTE
Direct peripheral masking is? Threshold of NTE is being raised but is still detecting tones more easily than the test ear
When does this occur? Until the true threshold, central masking or overmasking is reached
What if DPM occurs until you can go no louder? Use the not heard descriptor on the audiogram
What are the limits of the audiometer? ????????????????
What is central masking? Inability of the brain to detect test tones in the presence of masking
Why does this occur? The masking and test tone interact in the Central Auditory System reducing the sensitivity of the test tone.
How is this shown on the masking function? A slope of less than 45 degrees
If there is a 5dB increase at the end of the plateau... Higher masking levels should be used to evaluate the function
How is this shown on the masking function? 1dB by 1dB slope after the start of a plateau
Where is the true threshold in the case of overmasking? Where the plateau started to form - even if only two points
How is cross masking and hearing conducted? Bone conduction
The level cross hearing occurs depends on... ...cochlear sensitivity in the NTE
Give an example of where cross masking may be a problem. Where the NTE has a conductive loss with good bone conduction and the TE has at least a moderate loss.
Why is this? The NTE with require higher levels of masking to reach the cochlea which may cross over and mask the TE.
High levels of masking, despite being loud can also... ... exacerbate tinnitus
Created by: Youworktoohard