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Anthorpology test 2

This test is all about Primates

What is sociobiology? A helpful way to explain social behavior in a way that sociology-ecology can not.
What is sociology-ecology? The effect the environment has on social behaviors.
Name the first two Primate Traits 1) Visual- forward facing eyes 2) Manipulative-5 digits. Oposible thumb and big toe. Finger prints.
What are the other three Primate Traits 3) Flexibility- Mammalian skeleton. Clavicle: great rang of motion. 4) Cognitive-larger and more complex brains. Social intelligence. 5)Extended Life History- Large maternal investment (time and energy). Low reproductive rate. Important social learnin
What is male infanticide? When an unrelated male kills an infant that is still nursing.Done so that the unrelated male can mate faster with the female. Used as reproductive strategy.
Where are Savanna (Anubis)Baboons found? What is their died? On the African savanna. Eat mainly plants but also due opportunist hunting.
Savanna Baboons:What is their social structure? Multi-male, multi-female group. #'s range to about 60 members. Female dominate. Females stay in their birth group, males join from other groups.
What was the name of the researcher who studied the Savanna Baboons? Shirley Strum did a lengthy study on a Savanna group known as the "pump-house" gang
What is the role of "friendships" in the "pump-house" society? Males uses friendships to find mating patterns. Friendships are a main role in reproductive success. Females use friendships for protection To maintain this friendship males will protect female's infants and in time of danger use them for protection
What is the Chimpanzee's scientific name? Pan troglodytes
Who were the two researches who studied the Tai Chimpansee's and where are they located? The two researchers were a husband and wife team,Boesch. The Tai Chimps are located in West Africa near the Ivory Coast.
List the types of tools the Tai Chimps use: 1) Sponge 2) Hammer and Anvil to crack nuts 3) Nest 4) Tree buttress 5) Medicinal plants
What are the Tai Chimps hunting practices? The males hunt. They prey on Colobine monkeys. Males split up to counter they prey. Males then divide up the mean among themselves and share with relatives and male allies
How is labor divided among Tai society? Males hunt while females gather fruit and look after their young
Tai Chimp community: made up of multi related males and munti unrelated females Male alliances: Kin Altruism (brothers) Reciprocal altruism (Unrelated) Patriarchal society
What are the Tai Chimps Mating Patterns? 1) Opportunistic Mating 2) Alpha male can monopolize female 3)Subordinate males form censorship (may be forced) The fist week of Estrus is opportunistic. The second week is alpha male monopolization
What is the scientific name for Bonobos? Where are they found? Pan Paniscus. Found in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Bonobo: what is their culture like? Multi-male (related) multi female (unrelated. Fussion-Fusion which means they slit up them come together. A male's status depends on the status of his mothers. Son's stay with their mothers Females forage together and can form bonds with each other
Bonobo:Hunting Hunting appears to be infrequent, they prey does include monkey and unlike Chimps Females hunt and control the meat
Where is the Gorila habitat and is their diet? Their habitat is located in the tropical rainforst. Gorilla's eat fruit and in social situations inscets
What are adult Gorilla males and subadult Gorilla males called? An adult male is called a Sliverback while a subadult male is called a Blackback
What is the Gorilla comunity structure? The Gorilla community has one Silverback and multiple females. Both Gorilla sexes leave their native group to aviod repeat genetics. (so females don't mate with their fathers) Both females and males travle along untill they find the opposite sex
What is an un-known fact about the Gorilla comunity? In some groups the son of the Silverback is present and mates with his half sisters or cousins.
Why and how often does infanticide occure? Infanticide happens because the baby is not protected by the father. This more often happens because of death leading to a 40% death rate. As a result females need male protections for their offspring
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