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BoM Final

Quiz review

The Gentiles who go out of capitivity carry a Book
Match each element of Lehi's dream with Nephi's interpretation of it. the tree love of God
Match each element of Lehi's dream with Nephi's interpretation of it. The mist of darkness Temptations of the Devil
Match each element of Lehi's dream with Nephi's interpretation of it. the rod of iron word of God
Match each element of Lehi's dream with Nephi's interpretation of it. The great and Spacious building pride of the world
Match each element of Lehi's dream with Nephi's interpretation of it. River of water depths of hell
To whom does Nephi compare himself in the beginning of chapter 4? Moses
The name of Laban's servant is ____________ Zoram
The apostle who will write the rest of Nephi's vision is ____________ John
What is the birth order of Lehi's sons? (in descending order) Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Nephi
Lehi and his family learn from the Brass Plates that they are descended from _____________ Joseph
Electronic devices are not to be used during class time. True or False? True
The _______ gave Nephi authority that he should speak.
How many generations of Nephi's seed "pass away in righteousness" after the coming of Jesus? 4
Lehi's ministry begins during the reign of Judahite king: Zedekiah
Nephi's soul delights in: the covenants of the Lord proving to his people the coming of Christ proving to people that save Christ come all men must perish
Isaiah volunteers for his mission: True or False? True
The Nephites kept the law of Moses:True or False True
The mountain of the Lord's house will be built in the top of the ________ mountains
The two smoking firebrands are ___________ Syria, Ephraim
The Lord has given salvation free for all men. True or False True
Isaiah speaks of three tools turning against their users. These tools are: Axe, Saw, Rod
The laborer in Zion is to labor for ___________ Zion
Two cities are compared with Sodom (see Gen 14). They are: Babylon and Jerusalem
Lucifer wishes to be like _________ The Most High
Seraphim have _______ wings 6
The rod of God's anger is ________ Assyria
Testamentum Like a patriarchal blessing- Lehi gives it to all his sons. Last advise and blessing of a father
Apology like a psalm- apologizing for who he is/ how week he is
Daystar Son of Dawn Lucifer/ Venus
Isaiah's usage of the myth uses it as a metaphor or like a parable- they are familiar with it
Historical Context of the myth The historical context- People are familiar with the myth
The heavenly mountain- in the myth God’s throne/ temple- Lucifer wants to sit on God’s throne and become the Most High- He is cast down to hell
   God’s fight with disorder and the dragon of the sea- Sea sends an attacker/ the dragon controls the sea- Sea = turmoil, contention, evil...
Jacob’s use 2 Nephi 9 of monster Describe death and hell- Satan’s monster, if he wins death and hell come upon us (death of body and spirit) monster is his weapon
Leviathan and Rahab- Rahab is the dragon and he is smashed by the arm of the Lord
The holy order of God (D&C 107:3) - Melchizedek priesthood
The Syro-Ephraimite War- Know the major participants Israel with Syria want to attack Assyria and get Judah to help but Judah won’t do so they go attack Judah to put their own king in so they can all three attack Assyria
Know the cities associated with each country- Judah Jerusalem
Know the cities associated with each country- Israel Ephram/Samaria
Know the cities associated with each country-Syria Damascus
Know the cities associated with each country-Assyria Ninavah
Nephi’s use of the word Jew- Someone from Judah (Southern Kingdom), Of the house of Israel (tribe of Judah,) and Religion (Oral Law)
Ancient Concepts of Kingship and Nephi- 2Nephi 6:2             Temple building- Kings duty, Solomon’s temple
Ancient Concepts of Kingship and Nephi- 2Nephi 6:2            anointing priests Joseph and Jacob were priests appointed by Nephi
What does Immanuel mean God with us
What does Maher-shalal-hash-baz mean Destruction comes quickly
What does Shear-jashub mean Remnant will return
Hebrew Poetry Parallelism, the ideas rhyme
Modes of Revelation- Visions,the Spirit, the Lord Tells us
The Nephites and the House of Israel The Nephites are descended from the House of Israel so they receive the blessings promised to the house of Israel
Messiah vs. Christ and the growing Nephite conception- In Hebrew, Messiah means King so the Jews thought the Messiah who would come save them would be a king who would lead them out of captivity physically not spiritually. Nephi and his people learn step by step that the Messiah will save their souls
Grace and the law Those who do not know the law will not be held accountable for it (2Nephi 9:25-27ish)
Servants and Slaves- basically the same thing
The world will be... burnt with fire
Nephi anoints the following to be king after him a man
Jacob teaches his people in the temple
Jacob wants his people (and us) to learn with_________ concerning our first parents joy
The commandment to have only one wife was given to Lehi
Pride is the worst sin of Jacob's people. T/F False
The Nephites include descendants of Laman. T/F True
The allegory of the olive vineyard comes from the prophecy of Zenos
Sherem is a Nephite. T/F or the text does not say text does not say
According to Jacob the Nephites did "_______out [their] days." mourn
________wrote down the words which Abinadi taught. Alma
Which of the following is not one of the sons of king Benjamin? Mosiah, Helaman, Helorum All three are the sons of king Benjamin.
Mormon abridged the books of Enos, Jarom and Omni.T/F False
Which of these prophets teaches that the name of the mother of the son of God will be Mary? Benjamin
According to Jarom, the law of Moses was given to persuade men to look forward unto the Messiah
According to Abinidi, the seed of God is/are Those who have believed the prophets and had their sins borne
Chemish is the ______ of Amaron brother
Enos had a __________ before God, before he received a remission of his sins. Wrestle
In order to put off the natural man, one must become a saint
The order of the kings in the land of Nephi is Zeniff, Noah, Limhi
Noah taxed his people 20% of their precious things. T/F True
Mosiah sends ______ strong men to find the land of Nephi-Lehi. 16
According to Benjamin, if a begger asks for money one is to give it to him.
Ammon was able to interpret the 24 plates which had been found. T/F False
Little children have eternal life
Abinadi and Noah both die by fire
In the eighth year of the reign of the judges, the people of the church began to lead the unbelievers to iniquity. T/F False
Which of Mosiah's sons was chosen by the voice of the people to succeed him as king? Aaron
The people of Gideon are more righteous than those of Zarahemla. T/F True
Nehor taught that: All mankind should be saved Man need not fear or tremble Priests and teachers ought to become popular People need not fear and tremble All of the above all of the above
The first chief judge of the Nephites was Alma the Younger
The word of God was _____ to all liberal
___________ desires to be king over the Nephites. Amalici
Alma the Elder was ____ years old when he died 82
__________ tried to kill king Noah. Gideon
The Lord was slow to hear the cries of the people of Alma. T/F False
In Alma's initial church organization there was 1 priest for every ________ people 50
Only a descendent of ___________ could become king. Nephi
Nehor founded a church.T/F True
The leader of Noah's rogues priest was Amulon
Line of Jacob Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni, Amaron, Chemish, Abinidom, Amaleki
Mosiah was ____ years old when he died 63
What are the four cities Alma the Younger preaches in in order? Zarahemla, Gideon, Melek, Ammoniha, Sidom
The girl in King Lamoni's court who already believed in the words of Christ who went among the people and told them to gather to hear the words of Ammon Abish
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