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clearinghouse an independent organization that recieves insurance claims from the physican's office, perform software edits and redistributes the claims electronically to various insurance carriers
code sets any set of codes with their descriptions used to encode date elements such as tables or terms,medical concepts, medical diagnostic codes, or medical procedure codes
covered entity an entity that transmits health information in electronic form in connective with a transaction covered by HIPAA
date elements medical codes sets used uniformly to document why patients are seen and what is done to them during their encounter
digital subscriber line a high speed connection through a telephone line jack and usually a means of accessing the internet
direct date entry keying claim information directly into the layer system by accessing over modem dial up or DSL
electronic data interchange the process by which understandable data items are sent back and forth via computer linkages between two or more entities that function alternatively as sender and reciever
electronic funds transfer a paperless computerized system enabling funds to be debited, credited, or transferred, eliminating the need for personal handling of checks
electronic remittance advise an online transaction about the status of a claim
encryption to asign a code to represent data for sercuity purposes
HIPAA transaction and code set rule this regulation under HIPAA defines the standardized methods for transmitting electronic health information
national standard format the name of the standardization of data to reduce paper and have more accurate information and efficent organization
real time online interactive communication between two computer systems allowing instant transfer of information
trading partner agreement contract between the provider and a clearinghouse that submits the electronic claims on behalf of the provider
medical necessity the performance of services and procedure that are consistant with the diagnosis in accordance with standards of good medical practice
root word words used to look up the code correctly the first time for icd-9 disease signs and symptoms
chronic a medical condition persisting over a long period of time
acute a medical condition that runs a short but relatively severe course
encoder add on software to practice management systems that can reduce the time it takes to build or review insurance claims before batch transmission to the carrier
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