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MOP CH 11-13

first thing to do coming in the morning to doctor office check appointments and make list for doctor, if paper charts pull for day (put in pile on doctor office desk)and have test in there, have all supplies for day, have way to identify and acknowledge patient, with new patients register info
when taking patients back quick history with patients unless already have then update it, check medications patient is on
when in exam room instructions for clothing or shoes that need to be removed, if dont need help leave them alone, knock before entering
going back into exam room take vitals, some have computers in room if so log off when leaving
handling talkative patients if doctor stuck with them can go in and say excuse me doctor you have a call you need to take, can buzz doctor and say patient needs to be seen in exam room (number)
angry patient in waiting room need to get them out and put in private room bc they will upset other patients, say come on back and we will discuss it, if cannot calm them can ask them to leave
when done in exam room let patient know they can get dressed and leave, come back in and ask if they have anymore questions before you take them back to waiting room
disabled patients ask if they want your help before touching them
get ready for next patient pull paper down and throw away, get new material out, wipe counters down
check out patients if someone there let scheduler know when appointment needed, sometimes will make appointment
drug reps, detail people some doctors have certain times, will work in between patients, wont see at all
gifts over $25 some states will make office report it to IRS
equipment salespeople most doctors leave it to office manager
cleaning services usually come in and clean office
inventory use good system, sometimes spreadsheet or list in cupboard
ordering compare prices
capitol equipment purchase any big purchase not disposable, get estimates and compare
receiving order always check order against packing slip, count, check off, initial, most places want packing slip
invoice total amount of money owed
packing slip kind of supply and number of each
medical equipment maintenance CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act) specifies when to look at equipment based on what type of equipment, technician comes in to check equipment
medical waste separate contract by law according to CLIA
sharps container needle, broken glass
biohazard red bag body fluid, anything with blood on it
community resources most offices develop list, nothing more then places for people to get help
closing office lock up everything, most offices have lock box outside office to put lab samples, know what time courier comes by
block most popular business letter, all left margin
water mark symbol of quality, most places order by ream (500 sheets)
#10 envelope business size envelope
#6 3/4 statements billing statements
body of letter single space, double space between paragraphs
letter head all above line 15
end of letter double space closing, 4 blank lines type name of person Enc:3 (3 enclosure) Reference Initial
anything you need proof of make sure to certify it
Created by: brookelily