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H. Science Unit 5

Health Care Systems

Health Care SystemsDescriptionExamples
Hospitals vary in size and type of services provided, classified based on source of income types: private, propriety (for profit), religious, nonprofit/voluntary, government, specialty
Long-Term Care Facilities (LTC or LTCF) nursing or geritic homes, skilled care, provide long term care to ederly with chronic/long term illness, independent, assisted living (individual can care for self, but may need some help) Nursing Homes
Medical Offices private or individually owned services may include: treatment, exam, dx, labtests and minor surgery
Dental Offices (blank) (blank)
Clinics group of MDs or dentists who share facility and personnel (blank)
Optical Centers (blank) (blank)
Emergency Care Services life threatening or sudden illness (blank)
Laboratories preform diagnostic procedures, operate alone or as a separate service (blank)
Home Health Care provice service in the home PT, OT, nursing, speech therapy
Hospice Agencies provide care for terminally ill in home or another facility (6 months or less) Governemnt Fund can give pain medicine, pay for needed ,medicine
Mental Helth Facilities treatment of mental disorders, chemical abuse treatment Britney Spears
Rehabilitations Facilities provide care to assist with physical/mental disabilities goal=obtain maximum self-care and function
Health Maintenence Organization (HMOs) focus on PREVENTIVE health care, use other HCF to provide care, have to use HMO providers, early detection (blank)
Industrial Health Care Centers or Occupationsl Health Clinics found in large industries (blank)
School Health Services (blank) School Nurse
State and Local Departments provide immunizations, health/trave infortmation, food inspectons (blank)
US of Health and Human Services (USDHHS) National agency that deals with US health problems (blank)
National Institutes of Health (NIH) involved in research on diesease (blank)
Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) federal agency responsible for regulation food/drug products (blank)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) concerned with the casue.spread of disease in populations (blank)
State and Country Health Departments (blank) (blank)
OSHA (Occupational Sfatey and Health Administration) establish and enforce standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illnesses, set regulations and enforce rules (blank)
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