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Disorders - Quoc

Huntington's Disease -Progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain -Affects muscle coordination and leads to cognitive decline and psychiatric problems
Cushing's Disease -Occurs when body is exposed to high levels of cortisol -Upper body obesity, moon face, buffalo hump, slow growth rate in children, weak muscles, purple marks...
Turner's Disease -Genetic disorder affecting a girl's development -Usually short in height with ovaries that does not function properly -Neck webbing
Multiple Sclerosis -An autoimmune disease affecting the brain and spinal cord -Caused by damage to the myelin sheath
Myastenia Gravis -Neuromuscular diorder involving the muscles and the nerves that control them -Causes weakness of the skeletal muscles
Guillain-Barre -Acute polyneuropathy affecting the PNS -Weakness and tingling in extremities quickly spreading and eventually paralyzing the whole body
Grave's Disease -Hyperthyroidism -Heat intolerance, weight loss despite increased appetite, frequent defecation, excessive sweating, goiter, rapid heartbeat,ophthalmopathy
Hashimoto's Thyroiditis -Hypothyroidism -Weight gain, mania, heat/cold sensitivity, depression, constipation, migranes, muscle weakness
Cerebral Palsy
Created by: raginasian86