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SBGR ALH 151 Week 1 Ch 9 Pearson's (2012 EK)

acute conditions illnesses or injuries that occur suddenly and require treatment but may or may not be life threatening
advance booking when the patient schedules his or her next appointment before leaving the office
archived stored for later retrieval
catch-up time time built into the morning or afternoon schedule for emergencies
cycle time length of time the average patient spends in the office
double booking giving two patients the same time slot without allowing any additional time on the schedule
established patient one who has been seen within the past 3 years by any practitioner of the same specialty in the practice
matrix template for scheduling appointments
modified wave scheduling modification of scheduling that gives several patients an appointment on the hour, knowing that some will be late
open-ended questions questions that require more than yes or no responses
privacy screen apparatus that blocks others from viewing the computer screen, especially when the MA is away from the desk
real time keying in appointments, patient needs, and information within a computer program
scheduling system process that is followed methodically when giving patients appointments
screen saver computer software program that makes the monitor unviewable by others, especially when the MA is away from the desk
specific time allotted time period for each patient, depending on the reason for the visit
subpoena a legal document that requires the office to present information such as the appointment book to the court
surgery scheduler person in the surgery department who schedules procedures
tickler file appointment reminder system in which the tickler card is filed under the date it should be handled (a reminder)
time patterns scheduling options
triage process of sorting patients according to the seriousness of their condition; also, to assess the emergency care needed by patients
wave scheduling scheduling system that is set to begin and end each hour on time, in which each hour is divided into equal segments of time depending on how many patients can be seen in an hour
Created by: SBGrandRapids