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Respiratory System!!

Terms for the Respiratory System

lungs right lung has three lobes, left lung has two lobes, external respiration (exchange of gasses between body and environment) happens here
nose air becomes warm, moistened, filtered
larynx vocal cords, where sound is produced
pharynx connects nose, mouth, larynx
trachea carries air from larynx to bronchi
bronchi carry air from trachea to bronchioles, external respiration happens in the alvioli (sacs at ends of bronchioles)
hyper above normal, over, high, excessive
mal bad, abnormal, disordered
dys difficult, painful, abnormal
syn connection, joined, fused together
muco mucus, secretion of mucus membrane
osis condition, state, process
abnormal, pathological, diseased state abnormal, pathological, diseased state
itis inflammation of
scope visual exam instrument
scopy observation, visual exam
centesis puncture and aspirate
broncho 1 bronchus, 2 bronchi
cyano blue
esophago esophagus
laryngo larynx
pneumo lung, pertaining to lungs, air
spiro related to breating
trache trachea
rhino nose
glosso tongue
pneumothorax collection of air in the thoracic cavity around lung resulting in a collapse
pleurisy inflammation of the covering of the lung
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi of the lung
tracheostomy an opening into the trachea
thoracotomy incision into the chest
bronchoscope instrument used to look into the bronchi
pneumectomy, pneumonectomy surgical removal of a lung
pneumonia inflammation or infection of lung with fluid in alveoli
emphysema a lung disease in which the lung is blocked with mucus, usually in the elderly
croup obstruction of the larynx in babies
asthma chronic disease with dyspnea and wheezing
rhinoplasty plastic repair of nose, nose job
tonsillectomy removal of the tonsils
adenoidectomy removal of the adenoids
pulmonary embolism obstruction or clot in lung
lobectomy removal of a lobe of a lung
laryngitis inflammtion of the larynx
upper respiratory infection a cold
thoracentesis puncture and drain fluid from chest cavity
dyspnea difficulty breathing
apnea temporarily stopping breathing
pulmonary pertaining to the lung
thoracic pertaining to the chest
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease chronic persistent lung disease
Respiratory Synctial Virus infection of the lungs which causes breathing problems, seen primarily in children
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