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Module 2 part 2

module 2 study points

epidermis most superficial layer of skin
dermatopathy abnormal condition of the skin
alopecia hair loss or baldness
Which type of burn damages the deepest layers of the skin and tissues underneath it? third degree
Which is NOT a function of the skin? absorb nutrients
Which term means pertaining to within the skin? intradermal
the fracture is protruding through an open skin wound compound fracture
Which procedure examines the inside of a joint? arthroscopy
Widespread aching, pain and inflammation in the muscles closest to the trunk is called: polymyositis
Which term means inflammation of the heart muscle? myocarditis
What medical term refers to the skull? crani/o
The watery part of blood is called: plasma
Which is NOT a function of the lymphatic and immune systems? Assist in the blood clotting process.
Which type of anemia results from the insufficient iron? iron-deficiency anemia
What type of immunity results from direct exposure to a pathogen? active acquired immunity
Which is NOT a method in which HIV/AIDS may be spread? shaking hands
The brain's protective coverings called meninges include: pia mater, arachnoid, and dura mater
Identify the largest part of the brain that is divided into two major hemispheres. cerebrum
Which of the following diseases of the nervous system results in dementia in older people that progressively worsens until the patient can no longer take care of themselves? Alzheimer's disease
Which of the following brain disorders results in recurring seizures and is controlled primarily by medications? epilepsy
Created by: Idealize08