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People mentioned in 2 Timothy - Bible Bee 2012

These people greet Timothy (2 Timothy 4:21) Eubulus, Claudia, Pudens, Linus, and all the brethren
Jewish friends of Paul Aquila and Priscilla
Was in Corinth Erastus
Sick in Miletus Trophimus
A copper smith from Ephesus who caused Paul much trouble Alexander
The believer Paul stayed with at Troas Carpus
A well loved fellow servant of Paul's who was sent to Ephesus Tychicus
Accompanied Paul and Barnabas on their first trip. He was useful to Paul in the ministry. Mark (also called John Mark)
The doctor disciple of Christ who penned a large part of the New Testament. Accompanied Paul at Rome Luke
A young pastor who was discipled under Paul. At the time was at Dalmatia. Titus
A believer who left Paul in Rome for Galatia Crescens
Had accompanied Paul during His house arrest in Rome. Left for Thessalonica. Demas
The magicians/sacred scribes that contended with Moses. Jannes & Jambres
Early proponents of a Gnostic doctrine that the resurrection had already passed. Had made a public profession of Christ, but had not turned away from sin. Hymenaeus and Philetus
A devout and zealous believer from Ephesus who journeyed to Rome to refresh Paul. Onesiphorus
Asian believers who at one time worked with Paul, but deserted him under the fierce persecutions of the Neronic time period. Hermogenes and Phygellus
Jewish grandmother of Timothy Lois
Jewish mother of Timothy who brought him up in the holy scriptures Eunice
Recipient of this letter/epistle Timothy
Author of this letter Paul
Created by: idealsusa
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