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MOP CH 1-2

critical thinking 1.sort information 2.look at what already known 3.think of ways to solve
perceive what you think is going on by what you see
perception process what you have seen and internalize it
pandemic countries or lots of people affected
holistic looking at the whole body
naturopathic treatment of the whole body with all natural meds such as herbs, 15 states license these doctors
osteopathic looks at musculoskeletal system, treats with manipulation and meds (MDs)
homeopathic stimulates body to heal itself like mind control, exercise
WHO, world health organization works with lots of nations to promote good health & get rid of disease also maintains ICD-9
ICD-9 diagnosis for insurance coding
US Department of Health & Human Services protect American's from disease
CDC, Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA clearing house for information
US Army Research Institute of Infectious Diseases protect military personal, does research, looks at biological threats
National Institute of Health looks at way to improve health in many medical programs
Health Industry Councils organize in a region, makes sure everyone in particular area is being treated and taken care of
ADN 2 year degree nurse
DSN 4 year degree nurse
MSN 5 or 6 year degree nurse
staff privileges peer review, doctor has to go through review then committee makes sure doctor legit and recommends
ambulatory care minor surgery, walk in for surgery and leave that night
physician assistant can write prescriptions and work under doctor supervision, cannot practice alone, must be licensed
nurse practitioner can work independently from doctor
Doctor's care see everything, usually urgent care
New Horizon clinic based on patient's ability to pay
Medical Technician 4 year degree
Medical Lab Technician 2 year degree
CLIA clinical laboratory improvement act, sets standards for what test can be done based on degree
audiologist identifies patients who have hearing, balance, and related ear problems
cardiovascular technologist diagnostic exams and therapeutic interventions of heart & blood vessels, invasive & noninvasive
therapeutic recreation specialist use leisure to enhance health, functional abilities, independence, & quality of life
physical therapist helps improve patient mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities
pharmacy technician assists licensed pharmacists by performing duties that do not require the expertise of a pharmacist
dietetic technician integrates & applies science of food, nutrition, biochem, food mgmt, behavior to maintain health
anesthesiology assistant assists in developing and implementing the anesthesia care plan
specialist in blood bank technology performs routine and standardized tests in blood center and transfusion services
diagnostic medical sonographer uses equipment that produces sound waves, resulting in images of internal structures
kinesiotherapist implement exercise to reverse/less debilitation & enhance functional capacity of med stable patients
occupational therapist purposeful activity+interventions for functional outcomes to max independence+maintenance of health
orthoptist evaluates disorders of vision, eye, movement, and eye alignment
physician assistant practices medicine under supervision of a medical doctor or doctor of osteopathy
surgical technologist prepares the operating room by selecting and opening sterile supplies
respiratory therapist evaluates+treats+manages patients of all ages with respiratory illnesses and cardiopulmonary disorders
athletic trainer provides services such as injury prevention, assessment, and rehabilitation
medical technologist performs tests to detect and diagnose various diseases and works closely with pathologists
emergency medical technician provides medical care to patients who have suffered an injury or illness outside the hospital setting
health information specialist formulates strategic, functional, and user requirements related to the processing of health data
nuclear medicine technologist uses radioactive+stable nuclides to evaluate anatomic/physiologic conditions of body
empathy sensitivity to the individual needs and reactions of patients
reflection process of considering new information and internalize it to create new ways of examining info
learning style developed method for perceiving and processing info
abstract perceivers individuals who learn by analysis, observation, and reflection
abstract learners analyze new material as ideas that require thought to process
concrete perceivers learn through direct experiences of acting, sensing, or feeling the new material
concrete learners prefer to learn things that have personal meaning or things they feel are relevant, rely on detailed info
new material can be processed by two methods active processors reflective processors
active processors prefer to jump in+do immediately, look for practical ways to apply new material and dont mind risks
reflective processors prefer to observe and consider what going on, spend time thinking and learning before acting
stage 1 learners - concrete reflective style want to know purpose of info and have personal connection to content, learn well in study groups
stage 2 learners - abstract reflective style eager to learn, material relates to their lives, enjoy lectures and reading
stage 3 learners - abstract active style experiment w.info, prob solve+ decision make+hands-on+alone/small groups, lack focus+hasty decisions
stage 4 learners - concrete active learners concerned how to make difference, strengths leadership+vocal+think fast+teach, learn best in group
time management skills 1.determine your purpose 2.identify your main concern 3.be organized 4.stop procrastinating 5.remember you
conflict management with peer, instructor, or co-worker attempt to solve the conflict in a private place at a prescheduled time
study skills memory techniques, active learning, brain tricks, reading methods, and note-taking strategies
spider map shows multiple main ideas with supporting details
fishbone map used to describe causes of disease
chain of events map shows the cause and effect of events
test-taking strategies adequate preparation+controlling negative thoughts+understanding ways to manage questions
active search for truth critical thinking
key to critical thinking reflection
accreditation organization recognized for adherence to standards of accrediting agency
advent coming into being or use
allopathic medicine effort to counteract symptoms of disease w.treatments that produce effects opposite to symptoms
alternative medicine variety therapeutic/preventative healthcare practices alternatives to mainstream medicine, like chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, and herbal meds
amenities contribute to comfort, enjoyment, or convenience
case management assessing and planning patient care, including referral+follow-up, to ensure quality management
credentialing extending professional privileges, process of verifying and evaluating
fermentation enzymatically controlled transformation of an organic compound
indicators important point/group of statistic values that indicate quality of care provided in healthcare facility
indicted charged w.crime by findin/presentment of jury according to due process of law
indigent totally lacking in something of need
innate existing in/belonging to/determined by factors present in an individual since birth
innocuous having no effect adverse or otherwise harmless
mysticism experience of seeming to have direct communication with God or ultimate reality
PROs, peer review organizations group of med reviewers contracted by CMS to ensure quality control+medical necessity of services provided
CMS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
philanthropist individual who makes active effort to promote human welfare
putrefaction decomp of animal matter that results in foul smell
standards items/indicators used as measure of quality/compliance with statutory or accrediting body policy+regulations
subluxations slight misalignments of vertebrae or partial dislocation
treatises systematic expositions/arguments in writing+methodic discussion of facts+principles+conclusions reached
study of anatomy reaches back to? dawn of recorded history
Greek and Roman mythology have contributed a major portion of our? medical terminology
several medical terminology originate from? Bible
borrow medical terminology liberally from? Arabic, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic
human head rests on the first cervical vertebrae which is called? atlas
famous Greek Titan condemned by Zeus to bear the heavens on his shoulders? Atlas
Aphrodite Greek goddess of love+beauty source of name for drugs to enhance sexual arousal called? aphrodisiacs
Roman goddess of love Venus is associated with lustful desires+ medical terms named after her? portion of female anatomy mons veneris (mons pubis) and venereal disease
goddess of health Hygeia has origin with modern word? hygiene
Panacea goddess of healing and restorer of health modern definition? remedy for all ills and difficulties
staff of Aesculapius adopted by Medical Association as symbol of medicine and? common medical icon depicts serpent encircling staff+signifies art of healing
Caduceus belonged to Hermes messenger of gods thought to have magic powers and? misused as med profession symbol+use by Army med Corps staff encircled by 2 serpents with wings at top
drugs+surgery+other treatments based on theories about body used as early as? 5000 BC
first advocate of preventative meds+considered first public health officer? Moses in 1205 BC
known as Father of meds Hippocrates
Prince of Physicians considered Father of Experimental Physiology+ first experimental neurologist Greek named Galen who migrated to Rome in AD 162
establishment of Universities led to a study of? theories of disease rather than observation of the sick
the academies provided freedom of? expression, exchanging ideas, development of scientific thought
one of the earliest academies Royal Society of London formed in 1662
In U.S. medical education was greatly influenced by? John Hopkins University Medical School in Baltimore, Maryland established in early 1890
Andreas Vesalius 1514-1564 was a Belgian anatomist known as? Father of Modern Anatomy
Gabrielle Fallopius 1523-1562 was a Italian student of Vesalius who named? many parts of the human anatomy
English physician William Harvey 1578-1657 revealed in 1628? that the blood's motion is a continuous cycle
Anton van Leeuwenhoek revealed? the unseen world of microorganisms
Marcello Malpighi 1628-1694 pioneered? use of microscope in study of plants and animals
Marcello Malpighi 1628-1694 described most important discovery in history of science in 1661? pulmonary+capillary network connect smallest arteries with smallest veins
English scientist John Hunter 1728-1793 is known as? Founder of Scientific Surgery
syphilitic chancre is sometimes called? hunterian chancre
Edward Jenner 1749-1823 considered one of the immortals of preventative meds for his development of? smallpox vaccine
Austrian physician Leopold Auenbrugger 1722-1809 developed the use of? use of percussion in diagnosis
Rene Laennec 1781-1826 was a French physician who developed? stethoscope in 1819
puerperal fever/puerperal sepsis/childbed fever infectious disease that can be contracted during childbirth
puerperal women in childbed
puer latin meaning child
pario latin meaning bring forth
puerperium period from delivery to time uterus returns to normal, about 42 days after childbirth
Hungarian physician Ignaz Phillip Semmelweis 1818-1865 was called what by history Savior of Mothers
Frenchman Pasteur 1822-1895 did brilliant work as chemist but his studies in what made him famous bacteriology, known as Father of Bacteriology and Father of Preventative Medicine
Joseph Lister 1827-1912 revolutionized surgery by his understanding of? similar infections in postsurgical wounds+process of putrefaction+proved microorganisms caused these
honored as Father of Sterile Surgery Joseph Lister 1827-1912
Robert Koch 1843-1910 set theory of rules that must be followed before? organism can be accepted as the causative agent in given disease+this transformed health dept
who introduced many of the tools used in labs Robert Koch 1843-1910
Paul Ehrlich 1854-1915 pioneered the fields of? bacteriology, immunology, chemotherapy
Paul Ehrlich 1854-1915 greatest gift to humanity was called formula 606 designed to fight? syphilis
Paul Ehrlich 1854-1915 formula 606 drug tried brought healing and called slavarsan why because he believed it offered humankind salvation from syphilis
Crawford Williamson Long 1815-1878 was first to use? anesthetic agent
what is ether? intoxicant similar to nitrous oxide and functions as soporific or sleep inducing agent
Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen 1845-1923 professor of physics at University of Wurzburg, Germany discovered? x-ray in 1895 while experimenting w. electric currents passed thru sealed glass tubes
although Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen 1845-1923 called his finding x-ray history honored him calling it? roentgen ray
Marie and Pierre Curie discovered what in 1898 radium from their work in radioactivity
Marie discovered what radium and polonium
Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 is known as founder of? nursing and is fondly called the Lady with the Lamp
In 1860 Florence Nightingale 1820-1910 founded what Nightingale School and Home for Nurses in London which marked begin of professional nursing education
American Clara Barton 1821-1912 efforts to remedy poor record keeping led to? formation of Bureau of Records
American Clara Barton 1821-1912 organized what in 1881 Red Cross Committee in Washington, original formation of American Red Cross+served as its 1st president
Elizabeth Blackwell 1821-1910 first woman in U.S. to receive? Doctor of medicine degree from a medical school
Lillian Wald 1867-1940 social worker and nurse founded? Henry Street Settlement in New York City
City Municipal Board of Health established the world's first public school nursing system when? one of Lillian Wald nurses was assigned to city's public schools in 1902
Margaret Sanger 1883-1966 became leader of birth control movement and established? first American birth control clinic
Margaret Sanger 1883-1966 advocated research into hormonal contraception bc of? newfound concern about population growth+research led to development of birth control
Walter Reed Army pathologist+ bacteriologist proved? yellow fever was transmitted by bite of mosquito
Canadian physician Sir Frederick Grant Banting isolated insulin for treatment along with? Canadian physiologist Charles Herbert Best
Sir Alexander Fleming discovered what penicillin accidentally
Dr Taussig collaborated with Dr Blalock to develop lifesaving operation for children born with? cyanosis "blue babies"
African American Viven Thomas surgical research tech to Dr Blalock did? stood over Dr Blalock's shoulder for his 1st blue baby operation+advised bc he did surgery several times (this happened at a time African-Americans werent allowed on main floors of hospital)
John Edward Salk and Albert Sabin almost eradicated? poliomyelitis once the killer and crippler of thousands in the U.S.
German surgeon Werner Frossman originated a cardiac technique called? catheterization which is used in diagnosis and treatment of heart disease
South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed first? human heart transplantation in 1967
Swiss born psychiatrist Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross wrote best selling book on? Death and Dying which helped professionals and lay-persons alike understand understand stages of grief
Dr David Ho considered by many to be one of most brilliant minds today helped piece together? puzzle of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Dr Eve Slater served as Assistant Secretary for Health at U.S. Dept of Health+Human Services (DHHS) and? spearheaded approval of major meds+ became 1st women appointed chief resident in med at Mass.Gen.Hospital
Dr C Everett Koop during terms as U.S.Surgeon Gen.became proponent of tobacco awareness and articles? her excellent articles spanned variety of subjects
Dr Anthony Fauci leads research efforts on immune-medicated disorders +scientific leadership resulted in? major advances in several diseases such as polyarteritis nodosa and Wegener's granulomatosis
Many of Dr Anthony Fauci studies now relate to? HIV+body's response+ways to improve treatment+prevention+development of an HIV vaccine
Dr Antonio Novello was first women+ Hispanic honored w.post of Surgeon General+played key role in? writing warning labels on cig packs+promotion of National Organ Transplant Act+contribution UNICEF
UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund
Dr Antonio Novello inducted into? National Women's Hall of Fame+served as New York State's health commissioner
acute care hospitals intensive care+ED+trauma dept+equipped to handle most severely ill+injured patients
subacute care hospitals care for those who dont require extensive services but still need hospital supervision+treatment
specialty hospitals offer specific services such as psychiatric hospital
teaching hospitals learning environment+often have research depts+part of medical schools, interns,residents
community hospitals care in rural areas/specific areas within metropolis
regional hospitals usually acute care facilities+serve large area where intensive care may not be offered in local communities
private hospitals run by corporation/other organization+designed to produce profit for owners/stockholders
nonprofit hospitals exist to serve community in which they are located+normally run by board of directors
nonprofit sometimes misleading bc "profit" is different from "making money"
county hospital used to designate hospital in which indigent patients are taken
today many people w/o insurance go to ED or ER for routine illness+if patients have no other options? ED physicians become primary care providers
triage performed by physicians+nurses+other licensed med professionals to? determine those w.most severe conditions+who to see first
the admissions dept gathers info and enters it into? computer for use by rest of hospital staff
the lab provides diagnostic testing on? blood+body fluids+tissues+radiology/ nuclear med dept offers diagnostic imaging+radiographic services
respiratory services dept offers broad spectrum of? diagnostic tests+various treatments
most hospitals have physical medicine+rehab dept which offers? physical+occupational therapy
dietary dept employs professionals who? carefully plan menus to meet needs of each patient served
most modern hospitals have surgery dept+many offer day surgery services that? allow patients to undergo procedure+ return home same day if they recover as expected
social services works with patients to ensure? continuity of care+patient education+ social intervention, all assists w. emotional+economic+social concerns
occupational health centers concerned w.helping patients return to work+productive activity
freestanding rehabilitation centers assist patients w.wide range of services
pain management centers help patients deal w.discomfort associated w.their condition
sleep centers diagnose+treat people w.sleep problems
freestanding urgent or emergency care centers provide patients with alternative to hospital EDs
day surgery performed in hospitals+has continued to provide alternatives to overnight hospital care after surgery
office based surgery accreditation offered by? Ambulatory Care Accreditation Program of the Joint Commission
rehabilitation services may be obtained from? acute care hospitals+rehabilitation hospitals+various ambulatory rehabilitation facilities
dialysis centers offer services to patients with? severe kidney disorders
other types of ambulatory care facilities centers that provide MRI+student health clinics+dental clinics+ endoscopy centers+community health centers+mobile health services+ podiatric care centers+women health centers
most attractive option to traditional nursing homes? assisted living+provides 24-hour supervision+broad range of services appx $1k-$3kmonth
independent retirement facilities offer? residents the opportunity to come and go as they please
diagnostic laboratories offer? testing services for patients referred by their physicians
POLs physician office laboratories
OSHA organization+division of the U.S. Dept of Labor that enforces many laws related to workplace safety
home healthcare offers? home care+therapy services+admin & assistance w.medications so care needed can be found at home
medical suppliers are retail operations that offer? all types of medical devices and products
DME durable medical equipment
medical practices today organized into 3 types of business structures? sole proprietorship+partnership+ corporation
sole proprietor holds exclusive right and title to all aspects of medical practice
partnership agreement 2+ physicians elect to associate in the practice of medicine
group practice body of 3+ physicians who engage in full-time practice in formally organized+recognized entity
corporation artificial entity having legal+ business status that's independent of shareholders or employees
MDs Medical Doctors considered allopathic physicians+ are most widely recognized type of physician
intern medical student still in training at medical school but treating patients under supervision of licensed doctors
residency graduate of medical education program+often specialist+usually paid in training hospital position
DOs Doctors of Osteopathy use meds+surgery as well as OMT (osteopathic manipulative therapy) in treating their patients
DCs Doctors of Chiropractic typically thought of as bone docs but focus on nervous system to help patients live healthier lives
one of the most common fields of alternative medicine Chiropractic
hospitalists physicians whose primary professional focus is gen. medicine care of hospitalized patients
may be excellent alternative to regular physician hospitalists
two basic types of dentists in U.S. DMDs Doctors of Dental Medicine DDSs Doctors of Dental Surgery
orthodontics specialist dentists that perform straightening
endodontics specialist dentists that perform root canal therapy
OD optometrist trained+licensed to examine eyes to test visual acuity+treat vision defects
ophthalmologists licensed MDs
PhD doctor of philosophy degree in field of expertise
PsyD Doctor of psychology
EdD Doctor of Educational Psychology
Nurse anesthetists registered nurses (RNs) who administer anesthetists during care by qualified health professionals
RN registered nurses many nurses manager in hospitals or other types of healthcare facilities +provide direct patient care
LPNs licensed practical nurses offer beside care assisting w.the day-to-day personal care required by inpatients
LVNs licensed vocational nurses offer beside care assisting w.the day-to-day personal care required by inpatients
MT Medical technologists perform diagnostic testing to assist the physician in arriving at a diagnosis
MLT Medical laboratory technician performs much of the same tests as MTs but works under MT not independently
RTs radiology technicians use various machines to help the physician diagnose and treat certain disease
all actions are under an ethical microscope and must be? professional+accurate+performed in competent manner
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