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Phlebotomy 2012

Phlebotomy Final Exam

The forearm vein most commonly used for venipuncture is the____? Median cubital
The smallest veins in the human body are known as_____? venules
Within the capillaries, blood cell functions include? releasing oxygen, binding carbon dioxide, eliminating waste.
The heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vessels are in the___ system? cardivascular
The suffix URIA at the end of a medical term refers what body location? urine
The study of blood is known as ? hematology
The liver, stomach, mouth and pancreas are in the _____system? digestive
The most important step to ensure accuracy in sample collection is? identifying the patient properly
The trachea, nose, lungs, and pharynx are in the _____ system? respiratory
Neutrophils, eosinophils, basophils, lymphocytes and monocytes are types of? white blood cells
The common name for the thrombocyte is the ____? platelet
The liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood sample is known as? plasma
The instroment that measures blood pressure is called a ? sphygmomanometer
An artery can be distinguished from a vein because an artery will be? pulsating
Lancets are used to collect blood samples by? Capillary or skin puncture
The abbreviation VAD is commonly used in hospitals to refer to? Venous access devices
Top determine the size of the needle, remember that the higher the gauge, the? Smaller the needle bore
Adult capillary punctures most often involve use of the _____ finger(s)? Third and fourth (middle and ring)
A centrifuge is used in a clinical laboratory setting to? separate liquid from cells in blood
Use a ____-topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for a CBC test. lavender
Use a ____-topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for elecrolytes testing. red
Use a ____-topped evacuated tube for collection of blood for cholesterol testing. Red
Sodium citrate is an anitcoagulant of choice for coagulation studies because it protects? clotting factors
When preparing a blood smear directly from a skin puncture, it is best to? wipe away the first drop of blood
When blood sceps into the surrounding tissue during a venipuncture, a ____ may form. hematoma
In a patient with a clotting disoder, pressure should be applied to the puncture site for at least___ after venipuncture to insure blood stoppage. 5 minutes
Skin punctures may be indicated for use when? the patient is an infant, toddler, or preschool. only small amount of blood is needed. patient veins need to be presured to IV therapy.
All specimens should be labeled with? patients name (and numeric ID), date and time the specimen was drawn, collector's initials.
When performing a skin puncture, squeezing the finger too tightly may dilute the blood with_____ and run the test. tissue fluid
One possible cause of unexpected clotting in an anticoagulated blood tube might be ? insufficient mixing
When performing a venipuncture, position the bevel of the needle? facing up
If blood does not appear in an evacuated tube upon venipuncture, a phlebotomist's first action should be ? slightly position or turn the needle
Redirecting a needle during venipuncture is sometimes necessary when? the vein was not properly anchored, the patient moves unexpectedly, blood flow starts, and then stops.
A vein might be prone to collapse is the ... vacuum tube is too large for vein, syringe plunger was pulled back too quickly.
Hemolysis would cause rejection of samlple collected for ___ testing. potassium
If a patient is prone to syncope during venipucture, the phlebotomomist should? watch in case of fainting
A tube of blood that arrives in the lab without a label must be? rejected automatically
If a blood sample should be collected 2 hours post-prandial, the phlebotomist should collect the sample? 2 hours after meal
The role of all anitcoagulants is ultimately to prevent formation of ? fibrin
The anticoagulant, EDTA works by? binding calcium
If the tourniquet is not released before the needle is withdrawn from the arm during venipuncture, this will most likely result in? bleeding from the site
The ____ must be followed exactly whenever drawing patient test samples that may be used in a legal proceeding. chain of custody
The anticoagulant SPS (sodium polyanetholesulfonate) is recommend for use in blood culture because it? doe snot inhabit bacterial growth
Before entering an inpatient room if the door is closed, the phlebotmoist should always? knock, ask for permission to enter, check for isolation signage.
Before entering designated isolation rooms, phlebotomist should always? check requirements on signs
The single most important means of preventing the spread of infection in a hospital is by? wash hands
Phlebotomist have a statistically greater chance of contracting ____ in a work related incident than they do of contracting AIDS. hepatitis
When performing heelsticks on infants in a hospital nursery it is important never to ? share supplies from one infant to another
When delivering blood samples to a laboratory, they should always be transported____? inside sealed plastic bags
If a biohazard spills in the laboratory, a phlebotomist should frst try to ? contain the spill safely
According to OSHA, a contaminated needle may be safely discarded into a ? sharps container
When drawing blood from pediatric inpatients, a phlebotomist can increase safely for the patients by? getting help to hold patient securely during a draw, using a smaller bore needle and smaller collection tube, making sure the bedrails are left raised if found that way.
To eliminate bacteria form the skin of a bacterial culture venipuncture site,____ is sometimes used in addition to alcohol in the skin cleansing process. iodine
An unlawful threat or attempt to so bodily injury to another is? assault
Negligence by a professional person is called? malpractice
A violation of a person's right not to have his or her name, photo, or private affairs made public without giving consent is? invasion of privacy
A phlebotomist who attempts to draw blood without sufficient training could be accused of ____ if the procedure performed incorrectly, causing harm to the patient. incompetence
Forcing venipuncture on a patient who has refused it would be considered? battery
In performing phlebotomy on children, it is best to talk softly and gently, enlist the help of parents, tell the truth if asked
A 24 hour urine specimen must be kept? refrigerated
The purpose of the bleeding time is to assess? platelet plug formation in the capillariestopically
EMLA is emulsion of lidocaine and prilocaine that can be used to? anesthetize a draw site
Another name for red blood cells is erythrocytes
The federal law that was expanded in 2000 to protect the confidentiality of electronically stored health info is abbreviated as? HIPAA
The phase of laboratory testing that refers to test orders, test collection and test sample preparation are all part of the ______ phase. pre-analytical
All of the following are examples of "personal protective equipment" except? uniforms
After they are used, disposable syringes and needles, scalpel blades and other sharp items should be placed in ____ containers for disposal. puncture-resistant
When you send blood tubes by mail for analysis in a waterlight container, they should be enclosed in ______. second durable waterlight container
The proper way to dispose of a needle is to? recap it and put it in a sharps container
The "good samaritan law" encourages healthcare professionals to? provide medical care within the scope of their training at the scene of an accident without fear of being sued for negligence.
If a patient refuses a venipuncture procedure, the phlebotomist should? immediately report the refusal and actions taken to the nurse
Microorganisms that cause diseases are? pathogenic
Which of the following veins in the arm is most subjected to venipunctures? median cubital vein
Post-pradial means? after a meal
Tourniquets may be left on the patient for? 1 minute
This complication results from repeated venipuncture of the same vein? hemolysis
Which of the following is not a component that makes up infection? mode of transporations
A hematoma can be prevented if? pressure is placed on the venipuncture site until the bleeding stops
Arterial blood gases need special handeling. What is the handeling requirment? specimen must be chilled after collection
The recommended depth for an infant microcapillary collection should not exceed? 2.0mm
Which of the following represents the correct of draw? gray,lavender, green,red,blue green, gray, light blue, red yellow, light blue, green, gray red, blue, gray, lavender yellow, light blue, green, gray
Which test tube would be used for "fasting blood sugar" or glucose tolerance test." Red
Latex sensitivity is a type of? allergic reaction
The order of draw recommended by the CLSI (2007) for these tubes is: 1st:Blood culture (yellow) 2nd:coagulation tube(light blue) 3rd:serum tubes (red) 4th:heperin tube (green) 5th:EDTA (lavender) 6th:glycolytic inhibitor (gray)
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