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A&P Final 6/13

What are 2 divisions of the nervous system? CNS and PNS
Name the subdivisions of the peripheral nervous system voluntary and autonomac
List the structures of the CNS Brain and Spinal cord
List the parts of the neuron and their functions dendrites- recpetor cell body- organelles/ neurotransmitter axon- sackules are here
Whats the functions of sensory neurons? recieve stimulus from periphery and carry to CNS
What is the function of motor neurons? carry from CNS to periphery
What is the function of interneurons? central, association, internunical.- makes up brain and spinal cord
What is the function of an Axon? sends stimulus
What is the function of a Dendrite? recieve stimulus
What is the function of a Cell body? organelles- neurotransmitter forms here
Define synapse Chemical communication between axon of one and dendrite on another
Define synaptic gap synaptic cleft- space between axon and dendrite
Define Reflex/ reflex arc No brain envolvement
What is a neurotransmitter? A chemical
Where is the neurotransmitter stored? Sacule
What is a neurotransmitter that is often seen in the periphery? acetycholine
Define myelin a white sheath that covers neurons- white matter- schwan cells form it
What is in the subarachnoid space? blood vessels
List parts of the brain stem medulla, pons and midbrain
Define afferent carry toward
define efferent carry from
What is the dorsal root ganglion? group of cell bodies of the sensory neuron
What structures form the gray H shaped area of the spinal cord? dorsal and ventral horn. Axon of sensory- interneurons
Name of concentration of cell bodies of sensory neurons dorsal root ganglion
What is a plexus? Large nerve from when small nerves branch off of
What plexus is commonly used for administering anesthesia? Lumbo sacral
Where does thought and judgement occur? frontal lobe of cerebrum
Where does nerve tracts cross? pons- midbrain
Where is the HR, respiration rate, and BP medulla
Where is coordination? cerebellum
Where is speech? temporal lobe of cerebrum
Where is body temp? Hypothalmus
Where is the screening center? thalmus
What leads to spinal cord? medulla
Where is the visual center? occipital lobe of cerebrum
Where is learning and memory? frontal lobe/ Gnostic
What serves as a bridge? PONS
What is the function of the ANS? regulates organs- homeostasis
What is ataxia? imbalance
Created by: lecopple1