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Everest345 mod e wk 1

angio- vessel
brachy- short
cardi/o heart
-gram record
-graphy process of recording
-ist person who practices, specialist
echo- sound
-scopy visual examination, to view
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
radiat- giving off rays or radiant energy
-ion action, process, state or condition
son/o sound
tom/o to cut, section, slice
ultra beyond, excess
-ic pertaining to
angiocardiogram a record produced of the radiographic study of the heart and blood vessels of the heart
arteriography process of recording a picture of an artery
intravenous pyelogram radiographic exam of the urinary system using contrast medium
mammography radiographic study of the breast
myelogram x-ray of the spinal cord with contrast medium
radiation energy carried by waves or stream of particles
radiography examination of the body by x-rays
Radiologist physician who specializes in dx and tx of disease with x-ray and radiant energy
sonogram record obtained by ultrasonic waves
tomography method that produces images of single tissue planes
ultrasonography recording images of body structures using high frequency sound waves
alopecia hair loss or baldness
barium sulfate radiopaque contrast medium used to visualize internal organs
contrast medium substance used in radiography to make hard to visualize structures easier to view, sometimes patient drinks.
MRI magnetic resonance imaging, 3 dimensional color picture of the body
claustrophobia abnormal fear of being in narrow spaces
x-rays radiation of shorter than wavelength visible light rays which are able to pass through opaque bodies
fluoroscopy imaging technique used to view body parts in motion
angiogram record produced for the radiographic study of blood vessels
retrograde pyelogram radiographic picture of the kidneys after injection contrast medium through the ureters
histology study of tissue
incubation period of time for symptoms of a disease to show
serologic pertaining to branch of science concerned with serum
viable capable of living
CLIA clinical laboratory improvement ammendment
PET positron emission tomography, a scanning technique used in conjunction with small amounts of radiolabeled compounds to visualize brain anatomy and function
CT computerized axial tomography, 2 dimensional black and white pictures of the body
AP anterioposterior, pt back to film so beam travels front to back
PA posterioanterior, pt front to film so beam travels back to front
inocul/o implant
incubat/o incubation, hatching
inoculate to transfer microorganisms into the body, into a culture, into a medium or on to a slide
agar culture medium containing nutrients
nosocomial infection acquired in the hospital
opportunistic microorganism that takes advantage of proper conditions to thrive
Created by: everest