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Everest345 mod e wk 3 words

Lymphadenitis inflammation of the lymph nodes
Lymphangioma tumor made of lymph vessel
Lymphosarcoma tumor arising from lymph tissue
neuroblastoma malignant tumor arising from immature nerve cells
mononucleosis condition of abnormally large number of monocuclear leukocytes in the blood
mycobacteria bacteria often associated with immuno-compromised persons
sarcoma tumor made from connective tissue, muscle or bone
Splenomegaly enlarged spleen
Splenorrhagia hemorrhaging from the spleen
Toxoplasmosis disease caused by protozoa sometimes related to ARC
HIV human immunodeficiency virus, virus that preceeds AIDS
Immunodeficiency a decrease of the immune response
Immunosuppression interference with the development of immune response
leukopenia abnormal decrease of white blood cells
Macrophage large monocytes that eat microorganisms
lymphocyte primary cell of the lymph system
Malignant tending to become progressively worse
phagocyte cells that eat or destroy other cells
Metastasis spread of disease from one location to another
Remission abatement or lessening in severity of syptoms of a disease
Retrovirus large group of viruses that reproduce during reverse transcription
Syndrome combination of symptoms that result from a single cause
Virus smallest microorganism causing infection
Autoimmune arising from and directed against an individual's own tissue
Carcinoma tumors that arise from epithelial tissue
Chemotherapy treatment with chemicals
Dyscrasia abnormal mix of cells
ELISA Enzyme Linked Immuno-Sorbant Assay, test for enzyme linked immunodeficiency
AIDS Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
leukemia malignancy characterized by a progressive increase of abnormal leukocytes
septicemia blood poisoning
antibody proteins that defend the body against infection
antigen foreign substance which stimulates the production of antibodies
lymph clear fluid found in lymph vessels
Created by: everest