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MOPS final 6/12

Explain: Tabling a motion Not acting on a motion until a later date
What 3 things are important to find out when making hotel/motel reservations? 1. Check in/out time 2. Conformation number 3. Clerks Name
Who signs the minutes of a meeting? The secretary
What is the Hotel and Motel Red Book? Atlas of hotels world wide
What 3 items would be found in the body of minutes? 1. Motions 2.guest speaker and subject 3. disposition of motions
What is important to remember when the physician makes house calls? Pocket call card
Explain: Establishing a matrix Crossing off in the appointment book the time the Dr is unavailable
Explain: Buffer time 15 to 20 minutes for Dr's private time
How should appointment book entries be recorded? In Pencil
Travel expenses should be recorded for? Tax purposes
How are minutes of a meeting generally written? They follow the order of parliamentary procedures according to Robert's Rules of Orders
What is a resolution? Will or opinion of a group adopted by a vote
Name 2 safest forms of currency for travel? Travelers checks and credit cards
What are Roberts Rules of Order? A reference book for proper parliamentary procedure
What is the last item on an agenda? Hour of adjournment
Define: Minutes of a meeting Recording of what happened at a meeting not what was said
Where can you obtain an application for a passport? Passport office, Travel agency and Post office
When would you prepare an itinerary? When the Dr is taking a trip that requires flight, car or hotel
What is the validity of an adult passport? 10 years
Define: Visa Written permission to enter a country
What is the first order of business on an agenda? The call to order and reading of last meetings minutes
Define: Quorum One more than half. Majority rules
In a group of 300 people, how many would be needed to have a quorum? 151
Explain: modified wave scheduling Schedule 2 appt on the hour and 1 appt on the half hour
When are appointment cards made out? Immediately after its written in the book
Who determines the criteria for an emergency in a medical office? The Doctor
What is an appointment book and how long should it be kept? A legal document, should be kept in-definitively
"Outside of the office" appointments need certain consideration 1. urgency 2.patients preference 3.facility availability
Explain: triage Sorting and allocating treatment based on patients needs
How can emergency patients be fitted into an appointment schedule without disrupting other appointments By leaving space in the appointment book
Created by: lecopple1