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Pharm Final 6/13

What 2 factors determine a chemicals use as a antispetic or disinfectant? Time of exposure and strength of solution
What is the most commonly used antiseptic? 70% isopropyl alcohol
What is important to remember about the action of povidone iodine? Bactericidal- kills bacteria, antiseptic, has to dry before it works
What is the definition of bactericidal? Kills bacteria
What is bacteriostatic? Suppresses growth of bacteria
Why are drugs prescribed ATC(around the clock)? to keep blood levels up
What is the difference between broad and narrow spectrum antibiotics? Broad works on a wide variety and narrow works on only one or 2 types of bacteria
What is resistance? When a microorganism that was previously sensitive to a microbial is no longer sensitive
What is Allergy? Inappropriate immune system response
What is superinfection? Second infection caused by dissruption of normal flora
What is cross-sensitivity- If you allergic to 1 class of antibiotic, you may be sensitive to chemically similar antibiotic
What are the nursing interventions for PCNs and cephalosporins regarding meals and food interaction? Do not take with dairy products, acidic food groups, carbonated beverages, take on an empty stomach, take 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal
What results would you see if an antibiotic was working? Decrease in fever, discomfort, less drainage, lower WBC count
What is the mechanism of action of PCNs and cephalosporins? inhibits cell wall synthesis
What do you need to remember about IM injections of PCNs or cephalosporins? Make sure you aspirate, Inject into large muscle groups, can do permanent damage if injected into vein or artery
What is photo-sensitivity? And which classifications cause this? A sensitivity to ultra violet light. Antimicrobials
What are some of the effects of long term or unnecessary administration of tetracycline's? Superinfection, GI distress, tooth discoloration
Why are tetracycline's contraindicated in pregnancy and young children? The drug binds to calcium and can cause skeletal deformities and tooth discoloration that may be permanent
What is the DOC(drug of choice) for patients with PCN allergy? Erythromycin
What is Bacitracin and why is it used? Topical antibiotic- used for differential diagnosis- used for wounds- bactericidal
What is the most common use of sulfonamides? UTI's
What is an urinary analgesic? local anestheic effect on urinary bladder- turns urine brown coloer- pyridium is an example
What are the 2 DOC for TB? Isoniazid and Infampin
What is the most common use for an antifungal? fungal infection
What is the most common antiviral recommended for herpes zoster? (chicken pox) Zovirax- acyclovir
How many HIV antivirals are usually ordered as part of the HIV treatment? How long do people take these drugs for? Triple drug regimen or cocktail- and for life
What is interferon and why is it used? Chemical that boost immune system. Treats cancer, various viruses and multiple sclerosis
What classification is tetracycline? Bacteriostatic
What classification is Cephalsoporin Bacteriocidal
What classification are Antituberculosis drugs? Bacteriostatic and Bacteriocidal
What classification is Sulfonamides Bacteriostatic
What classification is Macrolides? Bacteriocidal
What classifications in Penicillins? Bacteriocidal
What classification is Fluoroquinolones? Bacteriocidal
Created by: lecopple1