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misc. organisms

Which type of urine sample is required for a urine culture? clean catch- midstream-sterile container. Refrigerate until plated
What does each of the following urine culture results mean? a. less than 10,000 CFU/ml b. 10,000-100,000 CFU/mL c.greater than 100,000 CFU/mL d. many species a. contamination- NF b. possible infection c. infection/ UTI d. appears to be contaminated/ repeat culture if clinically indicated
What does AFB stand for? AFB= Acid Fast Bacilli
What does Mycobacterium tuberculosis cause? an example of AFB- causes TB
How is Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmitted? droplet nuclei
what are characteristics of spirochetes? a. spiral b. move by spinning/ turning corkskrew c.stain poorly or not at all with Gram d. does not grow outside the body
What does Treponema pallidum cause? Syphilis
What are two ways to test for syphilis? a. antibodies against it b. exudate from lesion/ dark field microscopy
what is the first clinical sigh on syphilis? chancre- Ulcer
what does Borreila burgdorferi cause and how is the disease transmitted? Lyme disease, deer and rodent tick
What is mycology? study of fungi
What is ringworm or tinea? superficial fungal infection of skin, hair or nails
How are superficial funfal infections checked for? KOH potassium hydroxide lactophend blue
What can Candida albicans cause? a. Thrush b. vaginitis
What are parasites? must live on other living matter. eukaryotic
What is an O & P test? Ova and parasite in stool
How do you perform a cellulose tape collection for Enterobius vermicularis? causes pinworm - eggs picked up from skin of parianal region with scotch tape
Created by: lecopple1