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law & ethics CH10-12

genetics study of heredity
46 genes 23 from mom 23 dad
human genome project federal government started for gene mapping
personal gene mapping you can get it done, costs thousands, health care doesnt cover
genetic discrimination federal funding is cut if found out you doing gene research, proving discrimination is a big issue
stem cell research become whatever cell where planted, it is abortion fetus (has more cells than cord) and umbilical cord
infertility failure to conceive within 12 months or more if you are trying to have baby
IVF in vitro fertilization, petri dish aka test tube
heterogous donor any male donor, same with female
homologus donor husband donor, same with wife
xenotransplantation animal transplant in human
parens patriae state can take your child and act in the best interest of the child, state becomes the parent
Safe Haven laws set up by states so people wouldnt abandon newborns
mature minors allowed to get birth control 15yrs+ without parent being notified
emancipated minors under 18yrs supporting self dont need parent permission
Elizabeth Kubler Ross was pioneer on research for Death & Dying 5 stages people go through at own pace
Uniform of Determination Death act no brain waves, no heartbeat, no breathing, no coughing, no gag or blinking reflex, no response to pain or ice in ear
PVS persistent vegetative state, brain functioning at low level
terminally ill 6 months or less to live, hospice will come in but after 6 months wont take care of patient anymore
palliative care you have disease that cant be cured best can do is make you comfortable
Death with Dignity act, Oregon state assisted death act, psychological sound, see 3 doctors, have to be deemed terminally ill, waiting period then meds
living will you made decisions in advance so no one else can take from you, hospitals required to ask
Durable Power of Attorney can give someone this to make healthcare decisions about you if you dont want to make living will
restraints can only be used to keep patient from hurting themselves now
ghost surgery doctor cannot send someone else in for your surgery after you are put to sleep
DNR order do not resuscitate order if you dont want otherwise doctors will try
euthanasia good death, active death healthcare personal was doing something to help you die, passive does nothing medical to help but keep you comfortable
ethics & business healthcare is a business, doctors can advertise as long as it doesnt promise something that cant be done
preventive medicine doctor doing multiple test to make sure they dont get sued
staff privileges right to practice at certain hospitals
public knowledge information you can give out, the media already knows
filming patients have to have patients permission and have to be told where picture will be used, if patient wants picture stopped being used then you must as soon as asked
professional courtesy treatment free of charge for medical personal but must be careful due to discrimination
Created by: brookelily