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Religion Exam*

What guides for good living did Jesus give on the Sermon on the Mount ? Beattitudes.
What is not a Liturgical season ? Ascension.
What is the heart of Church life ? Eucharist.
What are processions ,rosaries ,etc. ? Sacramentals.
What is not a Sacrament of Initiation ? Holy Orders
What is Mary's participation in her son's Resurrection ? Assumption.
What frees us from sin ? Reconciliation.
Peter betrayed Jesus for 10 pieces of silver. F. Judas
Reconciliation completes baptism. F. Confirmation
Who was saint and native Philadelphian ? St.Catherine Drexel.
When is St.Luke's feast day ? October 18th
When do we celebrate the Triumph of the Cross ? September 18th
When do honor St.Rose of Lima ? August 30th
When is Our Lady of Guadalupe's feast day ? December 12th
What are stories passed down by word-of-mouth ? Oral Tradition.
What is the Mystery of when God became man ? Incarnation.
What does Jesus mean ? God saves.
What is a reason Jesus didn't do micracles ? To show off
What was Jesus' first miracle ? Wedding at Cana.
What are letters ? Epistles.
Who baptized Jesus ? John the Baptist.
What is a sign of confirmation ? anointing with oil.
How many books in the new testament ? 27
What is the early life of Jesus ? Infancy Narratives.
Who is the author of the gospel and acts the apostles ? Luke.
number of letters written by St.Paul 13
Gospel is "good news". T
Sacramentals are visible signs. T
Liturgy of the Word deals with bread and wine. F , Liturgy of the Eucharist.
Baptismal sign is candles. F , water.
Holy Orders is a Sacrament of Confirmation. F , Sacrament of Commitment.
10 commandments given on the Sermon on the Mount. F , Beattitudes.
Resurrection frees us from sin. T.
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