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Bible bowl 2012

1. Who was David? King of Israel
2. Who was Solomon? David's son
3. The book of Proverbs will give the young man_____&______ Knowledge and discretion
4. An attentive man will______ hear
5. How does a wise man increase learning? If he will hear
6. A man of understanding will attain unto __ __ wise counsels
7. Who despises wisdom and instruction? fools
8. What simple instruction does the father give the son? hear
9. What (2) traits shall be an ornament upon the son's head? instruction of the father and the law of the mother
10. What will make up chains about the son's neck? instruction of the father and law of the mother
11.What should you do if sinners entice thee? consent not
12. Cast in thy lot with us- let us all have ___ _____ One purpose
13. What do sinners lay wait for? their own blood
14. Those greedy for gain take away what? the life of the owners
15. Where does wisdom utter her voice? in the streets
16. Who crieth in the openings of the gates? wisdom
17. What does the lord give? wisdom
18. Knowledge and understanding come from where? out of the lord's mouth
19. The lord perserveth the way of ___ ___ his saints
20. Understanding shall keep thee when ____ entereth ____ ____ wisdom - thine heart
21. Hear, ye children, the _____________ instruction of a father
22. What does the father give? good doctrine
23. In order to live, one should __ __ __ __ keep the father's commandments
24. Let thine __ retain my words heart
25. What is the principal thing we should all get? wisdom
26. Along with wisdom, what should we get? understanding
27. What will wisdom do if one exalts her promote thee
28. When we exalt wisdom, what shall she give to thine head? an ornament of grace
29. What will cause the years of thine life to be many? When we receive the father's sayings
30. How have I taught thee? in the way of wisdom
31. How have I led thee? in right paths
32. Per wisdom, when thou runnest, thou __ __ shalt not stumble
33. How should one handle instruction? take fast hold of her
34. What is our relationship to instruction? she is thy life
35. Enter not the path of ____ wicked
36. Do not go in the way of ____ evil men
37. Evil men sleep not, except they have ___ ___ done mischeif
38. (Wicked men) eat the bread of __ wickedness
39. (Wicked men) drink the wine of ___ violence
40. Into what should you not enter? the path of the wicked
41. Describe the way of the wicked is as darkness
42. Keep thy heart with all ____ diligence
43. The issues of life come from where? the heart
44. Put away from thee a forward mouth. froward= not easily managed
45. (Wisdom says) my words are __ to all that find them life
46. Ponder the path of thy feet and let all thy ways be ___ established
47. Remove thy foot from ___ evil
48. How close should you get to a strange woman? stay far away from her
49. What have I not obeyed? the voice of my teachers
50. let thy __ be blessed and rejoice with the ___ of thy youth fountain, wife
51. What will happen to one without instruction? he will die
52. What creature is considered to be wise in the way it gathers its food? the ant
53. Name (3) of the (6) things the lord hates 1.proud look 2.lying tongue 3.shed blood 4.false witness 5.mischief 6.discord among brethern
54. The ___is a lamp, the law is __ comandment, light
55. What is the way of life? reproofs of intruction
56. If you have Jesus, what have you found in him? life
57. What is wickedness? an abomination to my lips
58. What do kings and princes do with wisdom? decree justice
59. Wisdom is more valuable than ___ rubies
60. What does the fear of the Lord cause us to hate? evil
61. What happens when you give instructions to a wise man? he shall be yet wiser
62. What is the beginning of wisdom? the fear of the lord
63. How is a foolish woman described? clamorous, simple
64. What does a foolish woman know? nothing
65. The house of wisdom has __ pillars seven
66. Who are the guest of the foolish woman? the dead
67. What is sweet? stolen waters
68. What is eaten in secret? bread
69. Hatred stirreth up ___ bread
70. What does love cover? all sins
71. What does a wise man make? a glad father
72. What are upon the head of the just? blessings
73. What do wise men lay up? knowledge
74. A ____ son is the heaviness of his mother foolish
75. Treasures of wickedness profit ____ nothing
76. The lord will not suffer the soul of the righteous to ___; but he casteth away the substance of the _____ famish, wicked
77. The hand of diligence maketh ____ rich
78. Who is it that gathereth in summer? a wise son
79. What is the fate of the son that sleepeth in harvest? he causes shame
80. ______ are upon the head of the just blessings
81. What is it that covereth the mouth of the wicked? violence
82. What is the rod for? the back of him that is void of understanding
83. What is the fate of one that refuses reproof? he erreth; to go astray; sin
84. He that retaineth his ___ is wise lips
85. The lips of the righteous feed many; but ____ die for want of wisdom fools
86. The fear of the lord prolongeth days; but the ____ of the ____ shall be shortened years, wicked
87. The lips of ___ ____ know what is acceptable the righteous
88. A gracious woman retaineth what? honor
89. A false balance is an abomination to the lord (explain)
90. In Prov. 11:22, how is a fair woman without discretion described? As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout
91. Per Prov. 11:26, how were people treated who with held corn and those who sold corn? He that withholdeth corn, the people shall curse him; but blessing shall be upon the head of him the selleth it.
92. Why is important to lead people to God? He that winneth souls is wise
93. What kind of success does wickedness bring? A man shall not be established by his wickedness
94. In the way of the righteous is ___; and in the pathway thereof, there is no___ life, death
95. Who is it that obtaineth favor of the lord? a good man
96. The way of the fool is right in ___ ___ ___ his own eyes
97. The lip of truth shall be established forever; but a lying tongue is __ __ __ ___ but for a moment
98. Lying lips are abomination to the lord, but they that deal truly are ___ ___ his delight
99. What does a prudent man conceal? knowledge
100. What does the fool proclaim? foolishness
101. How does heaviness in the heart affect a man? makes him stoop
102. Who hears his father's commandments? a wise son
103. A man shall eat good by the fruit of ____ his mouth
104. The soul of the trangresser shall eat ____ violence
105. What does the soul of the sluggard have? nothing
106. Whose soul shall be made fat? the soul of the diligent
107. What does a righteous man hate? lying
108. What overthroweth the sinner? wickedness
109. What does the light of the righteous do? rejoiceth
110. What happens to the lamp of the wicked? it shall be put out
111. Only by pride cometh ____ contention
112. Wealth gathered by labor shall ___ increase
113. What happens to one that feareth the commanement? shall be rewarded
114. Good understanding gives ___ favour
115. What will come to one who refuses instruction? poverty and shame
116. a companion of fools shall be ___ destroyed
117. What does a good man leave his grandchildren? an inheritance
118. He that ___ ___ ___ hateth his son spareth his rod
119. He that loveth (his son) ___ Chasteneth him betimes (explain)
120. What does the wise woman do with her hands? buildeth her house
121. What does a foolish woman do (with her hands)? plucketh it (her house) down
122. What does the strength of a ox provide? much increase
123. What does a scorner seek? wisdom
124. The heart is sorrowful even in ____ laughter
125. Who inherits folly? the simple
126. What does the rich have and how is the poor treated? The rich hath many friends; the poor is hated even of his own neighbors
127. What shall be given to them the devise good? mercy and truth
128. Strong confidence is in the ___ ___ ___ ___ fear of the lord
129. What does the righteous have in his death? hope
130. What does righteousness do? exalteth a nation
131. What is a reproach to any people? sin
132. What reaction does a soft answer or grievous words bring? A soft answer turns away wrath but grievous words stir up anger
133. The mouth of fools poureth out _____ foolishness
134. The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ the evil and the good
135. The fool despises his father's ____ instruction
136. What is the fate of one that hateth reproof? He shall die
137. A merry heart maketh a ____ countenance cheerful
138. By the sorrow of the heart the spirit is ____ broken
139. The mouth of fool feedeth on ____ foolishness
140. Better is __ with the fear of the lord than great treasure and trouble therewith little
141. A wise son maketh a glad father, but a foolish man despises his _____ mother
142. Without consul purposes are ___ disappointed
143. The way of life is above to the wise that he may depart from ___ ___ hell beneath
144. What does the mouth of the wicked pour out? evil things
145. The lord will destroy the house of the ____ proud
146. The Lord is far from the wicked, but he heareth the prayers of ___ ___ the righteous
147. What maketh bones fat? a good report
148. He the refuses instruction despises ___ ___ ___ his own soul
149. The preparation of the __ in man, and the answer of the ___ is from the lord. heart, tongue
150. Th lord says, "If you ___ thy works unto Him, he will establish thy ____ commit, thoughts
151. Who is an abomination to the Lord? Everyone that is proud in heart
152. Iniquity is purged by ___ and ___ mercy, truth
153. What does the Lord promise will happen when the man's ways are pleasing to him? He maketh even his enemies to be at peaace with him
154. The upright is to depart from ___ evil
155. What will be found before destruction? pride
156. The ___ in heart shall be called prudent; and the ___ of the lips increase learning. wise, sweetness
157. And the furnace is for gold , but the Lord trieth ___ ___ the hearts
158. A liar giveth ear to a __ __ naughty tongue
159. He that is glad at calamities shall not be ___ unpunished
160. A wise servant shall rule over a son that causeth shame and shall have part of the ___ among the brethren inheritance
161. Who is "him" in Prov. 17:11? An evil man
162. A merry heart does like a ___: but a broken spirit___ the bones medicine, drieth
163. Even a fool when he holdeth his peace, is ___ ___ counted wise
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