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INSTE I:3 OT Week 2


Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
Genesis is divided into what 2 parts? 1. The beginnings (degeneration) ch. 1-11; 2. The Patriarchs (regeneration) ch. 12-50
4 Outstanding events/accounts in the first part of Genesis? (Degeneration) Creation, Fall, Flood, Tower of Babel (Gen. 1 - 11)
4 Outstanding characters (Regeneration) Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph (Gen. 12 - 50)
Moses presents his story how? General panoramic style and then returns to the principal themes to give them adequate emphasis.
10 Beginings mentioned in Genesis (know at least 5) Heaven and earth, life (flora/fauna), humans, sin, relevation of redemption, human family, civilization of the unbelievers, nations, human languages, Hebrew race
Covenants found in Genesis The promise: of a land; descendants; of being a universal blessing
The Hebrew word "Bara'" (to create from nothing)refers to The creative work of God; i.e., that which only God can do.
Asah To make something from a substance already in existence
The first promise in all of the Bible of a Redeemer is found in Genesis 3:15 "... and he will crush your head..."
A key phrase in Genesis which provides unity to the book of Genesis is "This is the account of ..." (appears x10) and similar phrases.
4 Covenants (of grace) found in the Pentateuch Adamic, Noachian, Abrahamic, Mosaic
Adamic Covenant Genesis 3:15 - Promise: Of the Redeemer. Grace extended: "I will put enmity" Extended to all humanity. Sign of confirmation: Birth
Noachian Covenant Gen 9:9-10 Promise: Never again to destroy the earth by water. Grace extended: "I now establish my covenant..." Extended to all creation. Sign of confirmation: Rainbow
Abrahamic Covenant Gen. 15:5-7 Promise: Of a son, a land, and a spiritual lineage. Grace extended: "I will confirm my covenant" (17:2) "to be your God and the God of your descendants" (17:7) Extended to: To a family. Sign of confirmation: Circumcision.
Mosaic Covenant Exodus 19:5 Promise: The would be the people of God. Grace extended: "I brought you to myself" (19:4). Extended to: a nation. Sign of confirmation: Sacrifice.
3 outstanding events of Isaac's life? Miraculous birth, being the offering in a sacrifice, the selection of his wife.
God changed Abram's name to Abraham
God changed Jacob's name to Israel
Genesis 1-11 can be characterized in the following manner: It is the true history of antiquity, but it does not give us exact information about the dtes of that history.
Who was the father of the twelve tribes? Jacob
The Hebrew name of the book of Genesis means In the beginning
How much time transpired between the departure from Egypt and the arrival at Mount Sinai? 3 months
Created by: ymoseley
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