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PMI Phlebotomy Sec.4

Study Guide for items and information in Section 4

Needle Gauges and Colors 18' Pink 20' Yellow 21' Green 22' Black 23' Blue
5 Things on a pt label 1. pt name 2. pt ID# 3. Time 4. Date 5. Phleb initials
degrees for a routine venipuncture 15-30
Math: conversion formula for C to F [(C*9)/5]+32
Math: conversion formula for F to C (F-32)*5/9
BSI stands for: Body substance Isolation
Standard precautions include: BSI + UP
5 Types of Transmission: Airborne, vector, vehicle, droplet, contact - direct/indirect
Isolation procedures Strict Contact Afb Respiratory Enteric Drainage
JCAHO is: Joint Commission Accreditation Health Organization: regulation of hospitals and health care facilities, prioritizes patient, reviews infection control and mortality rates
CLIA '88 Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments: regulates labratories
CLSI Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute: develops practices in clinical lab testing
Hemoglobin Levels for normal male and female: Male: 13-18 Female: 11-13
Tubes to Chemistry: Gold, red/gray, Light Green(PST), Green, Gray, Dark Blue, Tan, Amber
2 Divisions of a Lab: Clinical Analysis Anatomical Pathology
6 Clinical Lab Departments: Microbiology Coagulation Serology Chemistry Hematology Blood Bank
OOD ETS 1. Sterile Yellow/BC Bottles 2. Light Blue (full) 3. Red 4. SST 5. PST 6. Green 7. Lavender 8. Gray
OOD Syringe 1. Sterile Yellow/ BC Bottles 2. Light Blue (Full) 3. PST 4. Green 5. Lavender 6. Gray 7. Red 8. SST
What to look for when accessing vein: Size - Depth - direction
Normal BPM for adult 72bpm
Normal Heart Rate for adult 120/80
5 Tests in a CBC: 1. Erythrocyte 2. Thrombocyte 3. leukocyte 4. hemoglobin 5. hematocrit
OSHA: Occupational Safety & Health Administration: ensures health and safety of workers
HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act: protection of health information
HMO Health Maintenance Organization 80/20
PPO Preferred provider 90/10
Nosocomial: An infection or illness acquired within 48 hours of a hospital stay; most frequently a UTI (urinary tract infection)
Medicare Healthcare for the elderly
Medicaid Healthcare for the low income
Created by: MithraG