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chapter 13 &14

chapter 13&14 of phlebotomy essentials fifth edition

this additonal information typically required on a nonblood specimen lable? specimen type
bar coding in healthcare is used for? patient identification
after obtaining a specimen for a cold aggulation test the blood must be transported at what tempeture? room tempeture
required ppe equipment when processing specimens ? lab coat,gloves,face shield
this can be centrifuged immediatly electrolytes collected in a ? PST
According to CLSI guidelines serum for most test should be removed from cells within? 120 mins
tests that have to be transported on ice? homocysteine
centrifuge must be________ with equal size tubes and volume Balanced
a portion of a specimen used for testing they are prepared by transfering a portion of the specimen into or on more tube labeled with the same ID information as the specimen tube? Aliquot
specimens for test performed on serum must be what before centrifuged? clotted
all specimens should be transported to the lab within how long? 45 minutes
vigorous mixing can cause this and must be avoided? Hemolysis
this is steps taken before actual testing of the sample preanalytical
what does Q & S stand for ? Quality not sufficient
serous fluids come from between membranes that line the what? pleural, peritoneal, and pericardial cavities
this fluid is associated with the lungs? pleural fluid
this is a test typically requires a refrigerated stool sample? fecal fat
a breath test can be used to detect organisms that cause? peptic ulcers
salvia specimens can be used to detect Drugs/alcohol/hormone levels
area supplied with more than one artery collateral circulation
this means away from the body? abducted
this is an involuntary contraction of the artery that can be caused by pain or irritation or the patients anxiety penetration to the artery muscle arteriospasm
this is a fractional inspired oxygen as in oxygen therapy? FiO 2
whwat is the abbrieviation for liters per minute L/M
this is the stable condition required before obtaining blood gas specimens that is a condition in which there has been no exercise suctioning or respitory change for atlease 20-30 mintues? steady state
What is another name for arterial blood gases? ABGs
2nd choice vein in ABG collection middle anterior aspect Brachial artery
located on the thumb side of the wrist which is the first choice and most common side for the arterial punctures? Radial artery
this is located superficially in the groin lateral to the pubic bone and is the largest artery used for arterial puncture? femoral artery
this is the primary reason for performing arterial punctures to evaulate the respitory function
what is one of the ABG supplies? Heprinized syringe
commonly measured ABGs perimeters Paoz Pacoz Plt
what is the acceptible angle of a needle of a needle inserion for ABGs 45 degrees
which of the following would cause you to suspect that a thrombus had formed in the artery while you were collecting on ABG? pulse very weak
the organization that develps standardize for specimen holding & handling & processing? CLSI
which of the following specimen is the least likely to require secimen handling? cholestrol
example of a preanalytical error made at the time of collection? failing to mix tube
blood not seen by the naked eye? occult blood
define ateriospasm reflux pain cause by irriation patient anxiety
will delay or compromise patient? proper labeling
non blood specimen body fluid consist of liquid or semiliquid
most frequently analyzed body fluid? urine
urine specimen should be this if their will be a delay in transporing it to the lab? refridgerated
2 ways urine is typically ordered? timed and random
method of collecting a urine specimen directly from the bladder is what ? cathertrized
this refers to the nasal and pharnyx Nasopharyngeal
sometimes collected for the diagnosis or monitoring of lower respitory tract infection such as TB? spetum
these are most often collected to aid in the diagnosis of strep infections ? throat swabs
this type of urine specimen is used to detect a uti? clean catch
this is information is not found ona computer generated label? patient diagnosis
test performed before ABGs can be collected Allen Test
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