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Oak Hill OT1.3 Historical Dates for Prophets and Kings

King Saul 1050-1010 (40 years)
King David 1010-970 (40 years)
King Solomon 970-930 (40 years)
Kingdom divides 930
Rehoboam – First King of Judah 930-913 (17 years)
Jeroboam I – First King of Israel 930-909 (22 years)
Asa – King of Judah 910-869 (41 years)
Hoshea – King of Israel 732-723 (9 years)
Elijah – Prophet to Israel 873-853
Elisha – Prophet to Israel 853-793
Obadiah – Prophet to Israel 848-841
Amos – Prophet to Israel 783-743
Isaiah – Prophet to Judah 740-680
Samaria falls to Assyrian Shalmaneser V 722
Micah – Prophet to Judah 753-700
Hezekiah – King of Judah 715-686 (29 years)
Josiah – King of Judah 640-609 (31 years)
Josiah’s reform 614
Jeremiah – Prophet to Judah 626-586
Jehoiachim of Judah becomes a vassal of Nebuchadnezzar 605
Jerusalem falls to Babylon 597
Jerusalem destroyed and captives taken 586
Ninevah falls to Babylon 612
Assyrian Sennacherib’s unsuccessful siege of Jerusalem (recorded on Taylor Prism) 701
Assyrian Shalmeneser III subdues Ahaz and Jehu (recorded on The Black Obelisk) 841
Babylon falls to Persia and Jews allowed to return home to rebuild temple 539
The 2nd temple completed (Prophets Haggai and Zechariah) 516
King Cyrus of Persia permits exiles to return home (recorded on Cyrus Cylinder) 559-529
Ezra in Jerusalem 458
Nehemiah in Jerusalem to rebuild walls 445
Malachi and close of OT 445
Ezekiel - Prophet to Judah 622-570
Tiglath-Pileser III, King of Assyria cf. 2 Kgs 15 (as shown on the Astartu relief) 743-732
Epic of Atrahasis (Ancient flood tablet) 1600
Epic of Gilgamesh (Ancient creation and flood tablet) 1700
Assyrians invade Judah (Siege of Lachish reliefs) 702-701
Hittite covenant treaties (tablet) 1300
Egyptian King mentions a people referred to as 'Israel' (depicted on the Merneptah Stele) 1208
Mention of Belshazzar cf. Daniel (Nabonidus cylinder) 556-539
Kings Ahab of Israel and Ben-Hada of Aram fight Shalmaneser III of Assyria cf. 1 Kgs 22 (depicted on the Kurkh Stele) 853
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