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SS 6th grade review

Social Studies - End of year Review

What is the height of land above sea level? Altitude
What is a point of land that extends into an ocean, sea or lake? Cape
What are the basic directions on a map called north, south, east, and west? Cardinal Directions
What regions are considered with reference to the kind of weather prevailing there? Climate Zone
What is an imaginary circle around the earth, equally distant at all points from the North and the Poles, dividing the earth's surface the Northern and Southern Hemisphere? Equator
What is a pattern of lines that cross each other as latitude and longitude to find an exact location on a map? Geographic Grid
What are any halves of the earth: Northern, Southern, Eastern, or Western? Hemispheres
What are northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest? Intermediate Directions
What is and imaginary line drawn north and south through the Pacific Ocean on a map, largely along the 180 degree meridian? International Date Line
What is a body of land smaller than a continent that is completely surrounded by water? Island
What is land surrounded by water on all sides but one? Peninsula
What is a distance measured in degrees, north or south from the Equator? Latitude
What is a distance measured in degrees, east or west from the prime Meridian? Longitude
What is a map that shows the features of the earth's surface? Physical Map
What map shows the boundries of countries, cities, highways, etc? Political Map
What is a government headed by a king or queen? Monarchy
What meridian is measured both east and west, passing through Greenwich, England? Prime Meridian
Where is 23 1/2 degrees South? Tropic of Capricorn
Where is 23 1/2 degrees North? Tropic of Cancer
What is vast, mostly level treeless plain that are covered in grass? Steppe
What is the language spoken by most white South Africans? Afrikaans
What is the process by which grasslands turn into deserts? Desertification
What is picture writing of the Egyptians? Hieroglyphics
What is a term that applies to the original inhabitant of Australia? Aborigine
What is the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure? Weather
Created by: tgottshall