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Chapter18,19,&20 test review

________________ is the capital of Clovis's kingdom. Paris
________________ means "Charles the Great". Charlemagne
The kingdom of the _________ became modern day Germany and France. Franks
______________ were traveling musicians and entertainers. Minstrels
_____________ was the son of Charles Martel and was the first Frankish king to be anointed by the Pope. Pepin
_________ were poor people bound to the land. Serfs
Being ______________ means to be blessed with holy oil. anointed
_______________ means changed religion. Converted
_______________ was the first Germanic king to become a Christian. Clovis
Mayor of the Palace was a _________________ official. government
___________ the Great was the King of Wessex who united England against the Danes. Alfred
A _______________ was someone who chooses to live in seclusion. hermit
_________________ was a group of nobles and church leaders. Witenagemot
Saint ____________ was the founder of the Irish church. Patrick
__________ was an island off the western coast of Scotland. Iona
A _____________________ was home to monks and the abbot. monastery
__________________ is an epic poem. Beowulf
A _____________ was a bost made by stretching cow hide over a wooden frame. coracle
England was divided into districts called__________. shires
_____________ are a deep narrow bay along a coastline. Fjords
_______________ was the name of a place the Vikings discovered in North America formerly known as Vinland. Rollo
_________ ___________ was a Viking leader who led the expedition to NOrth America. Leif Eriksson
____________ was a Viking warrior. berserkers
_____________ was a Danish king of England in 1016. Canute
________________, Norseman, invaders from the far northern part of Europe. Vikings
________________ were military chiefs that ruled Viking territory. jarl
________________ were Viking letters that they used as magic charms. runes
______________ was a Danish king that signed a peace treaty with the king of France in exchange for becoming Christian. Rollo
_______________ the southern part of Scandinavia also known as Denmark. Jutland
During Clovis's reign, the Franks began to speak _______________ and became Christians. That Latin language became the modern French language we know today. Latin
The title held by Charles Martel was Mayor of the _______________. Palace
After Pepin conquered the ______________ in Italy, thier lands were given to the Pope. Lombards
The Battle of _____________ was won by Charles Martel and the Franks. Tours
The Germanic people who migrated to Britain after the Romans left were the _____________, Saxons, and Jutes. Angles
____________ became a center for Celtic culture and Christianity because the Pope sent missionaries to help the Irish Church. Ireland
As king of England, __________ was ruler over the people of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. Alfred the Great
One reason that the Vikings became ______________ was that their land was rocky, and the growing season was short. seafarers
Stories of the __________ gods and goddesses were told on works called Eddas. Norse
The _________________ Route was the Vikings'water route into Russia. Varangian
Created by: mominter