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3550 wk 1


central processing unit brain of the computer that performs instructions defined by software
input device a device used to input data into the computer
output device a device used to output data from a computer, printer, faxes
firewalls hardware device or software program designed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer system
driver computer program designed to convert data output from one device to a format compatible with another device
data storage devices device capable of permanently or temporarily storing digital data
hardware physical equiptment used by the compute system to process data
networking connecting two or more computers together to share files and hardware
internet a world wide publically assessable network of networks and computers
application software software that performs a specificc data processing function
universal serial bus port a type of data entry portal or bus for computer data
hard drive a nonvolitile storage device that stores digitally encoded data on rapidly rotating rigiddisks with magnetic surfaces
software equivalent of acomputerprogram or programs
password a structure group of digits or letters made up to be used to gain access to sensitive medical and financial data
viruses a malicious software ised to damage or shutdown the system or files
electronic medical record patient record from a single medical practice, hospital, or pharmacy usually accessed with a computer
defragmentation reorganization of information on a hard disk to store files as continuous units rather than small packets
total practice management a category of software that deals with all the day to day operations od a medical practice
ergonomics scientific study of work and space including factors that influence worker productively and trhat affect workers health
cyberspace refers to the nonphysical space binary computer communication
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