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Gram Neg Bacilli

What does H. influenzae cause? Purulent meningitis in children (genus: Hemophilus)
What is the name of the immunization given to prevent infection with H. influenzae? Hib Hemophilus- influenza type: B
Which Gram negative bacilli are tiny, fastidious ? H. influenzae, H. ducreyi, H. aegyptious
Which Gram negative bacilli causes conjunctivitis (pink eye)? H. aegyptious
What does H. ducreyi cause? Soft cancre or chancroid (STD ulcer with soft edges)
What are clue cells? Gram stain of discharge; will show squamous A # of species in excess epithelial cells covered with tiny Gram Neg Bacilli
What does Gardnerella vaginalis cause? Vaginitis, NGU (non gonoccal urethritis in men) Diagnosed with clue cells
What does Bordetella pertussis cause? Whooping cough
What does the "P" in the DPT immunize against? Pertussis
Which type of bacilli inhabit/cause disease in the intestine? Enteric bacilli
What characteristics do all Enterobacteriaceae have? **REMEMBER all forment glucose; (all Gram Neg, aerobic..)
What grows on an EMB (eosin methylene blue, lactose) plate? Only Gram Neg bacilli, this plate is selective and differential.
On EMB what do colonies that ferment lactose look like? Have a dark, purple center
On EMB what do colonies that do not ferment lactose look like? Colorless center
What does E. coli (Escherichia coli) look like on EMB? Metallic sheen; lactose positive
What can E. coli cause? UTI, pyelonephritis, infant diarrhea, enteropathic - enterotoxin causing dehydration, diarrhea, death
How is E. coli used in a coliform count? As an indicator of fecal contamination
What does Shigella dysenteriae cause? Bacillary dysentery; enteric pathogen
Where does Shigella primarily cause damage? In intestine, does not enter blood stream, multiplies in intestine, invades mucous membranes produces intestine ulcers
How is Shigella transmitted? oral fecal route, contaminated water 5 Fs feces, fingers, food, flies, fomites (objects)
What does oral fecal route mean? From feces of pt./carrier into the mouth of the victim.
What does Salmonella typhosa cause? Causes typhoid fever - enteric pathogen
How is S. typhosa transmitted? Oral fecal
What does a person ingest that causes Salmonella food poisoning? A large # of organisms - other animal species.
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