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Type of Healthcare

Type of Healthcare systems

Private healthcare facilities require fee for service
government agencies tax supported
voluntary or nonprofirt agencies supported by grants or donations
inpatient facilities hospitals, long-term care
outpatient clinics clinics, provider offices
speciality services laboratories, mental health
types of hospitals private, profit, religious, non profit, government, speciality
Long term care facitilty nursing or geriatric homes
Medical Offices private or independant owned servies: treatment exam lab tests and minor surgury
Clinics Dental offices, optical centers
Emergency Care Services life threating or sudden illness
laboratories perform diagnostic procedures.
Home Health provide servies at home
Hospice Heathcare provide care for terminally ill
Mental healthcare facility treatment of mental disorders, chemical abuse treatment
Rehabilitation facitlities provide care to assit with physical and mental disabilities
Health maintenance organizations focus on prevention on preventative health care
Industrial health care centers found in large industries
State and local Departments provide immunization for travel infor, food inspections
US Department of Health and Human Service goverment agency that deals with US health problems
Food & Drug Adminstration responsible for regulating food/drug products
Center for Disease Control and Prevention concerned with cause/spred of disease
OSHA establich and enforce standares that protect workers
Types of Insurance Organizations Health maintance organization, preferred provider organization
HMO health maintenance organizations
PPO preferred provider organizations
mangaged care developed in response to rising health care costs
preffered provider restricts participants to certain providers that are contracted to provide care costs.
deductible amount that must be paid by patient for medical servies before policy begins to pay
co-insurance specific percentage of expense shared by patient and insurance
co-payment specific amount of money a patient pays for service
premium amount paid to the insurance
decutable amount of tax that must be paid by the patient
HMO preventive care, early detection and treatment, use only their providers
PPO lower rate, doesn't have to be within network
Medicare government health plan for those 65 and olde
Medicaid welfare recipients, people who are physically disabled.
workers compensation treatment for workers injured on the job
CHAMPUS care military dependants
organizational structure line of authority or chain of command, indicates areas, structure, efficient operation
Trends changes in healthcare occur rapidly
current issues cost containment, home health care, geriatric care, telemedicine, wellness, alternative and complimentary healthcare, national health care plans
Diagnostic related groups congress cost control for medicare/medicaid.
telemedicine use of audio, video, and computers to provide health care from a distance
Omnibus budget Reconclation Act of 1987 Federal law regarding long term care & home health
Obra Federal loaw regarding long-term care and home health care
Holistic Health treat whole body, mind and spirit
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