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A study stack for social studies ;D

What are Vedas? a collection of sacred text.
What is a caste system? a group of social classes chosen in a class by birth.
What helped the Shang Dynasty stay in power? Use of a powerful army.
How did the Athens get enough grain to eat? They traded with local cities through their harbor.
Why did traders travel on the Silk Road together in caravans? To protect each other.
Who made the most important decision for government in Sparta? The Council of Elders.
Which feature of Athens's geography most affected its economy? It was located near a sea.
Unlike the women of Athens, the women of Sparta could? Own property
What was would children do to learn in Sparta? Both boys and girls would get military training.
Why did Sparta use heavy iron bars as money? They discouraged trade with other city/states.
What was the main achievement of the Maurya family? To unify India.
How did Chandragupta being building his empire? He conquered neighboring kingdoms.
King Ashoka was Chandragupta's Grandson
Why was Chandragupta poor in his later years? He decided to be an ascetic.
What did Ashoka do with the territories he conquered? Kept them as peaceful parts of his empire.
What does Buddha mean? awakened.
What goal did Buddhism teach people to move toward? Reaching enlightenment.
Created by: HoldenK