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Bible Final sem2

Throughout Deuteronomy, Moses had been clear; a. Be ______ to God b. Keep him _______, and you will be blessed. a. Faithful b. central
Turn away from Him, reject His ______, and He will turn you over to your _______. authority enemies
Who is considered to be the author of Joshua? Joshua
What river did Joshua lead the people to cross? Jordan
The book of Joshua has three main themes or purposes: a. God kept his promises to ________ b. God, though rich in mercy eventually judges sin as a act of _______ c. God judges sin in all _______ Abraham mercy nations
God's judgement on Canaan came after many years of _____ Mercy
The Canaanites were polytheistic, meaning they worshiped _______ Many Gods
The chief God of the Canaanites was El
He was called _______, ________ or _________. Father Bull Creator
They also worshiped his wife. Her name was ________. Ashra
Their son's name was _____. He was thought to be the God that controlled heaven, earth and childbirth. Baal
Archaeologist believe the Canaanites did what to their children? Sacraficed
The war between Israel and Canaan was Gods ____ of judgement. tool
Before he was called Joshua, his name was ______ which means "Yaweh has saved." Hoshea
The Divine Promise of success in conquering Canaan, depended on ________ to the given law. obedience
Joshua sent two spies into Jericho, what was the ladies name that hid them? What was her profession? Rahab Prostitute
How old was Joshua when he died? 110
As a military leader, Joshua fought his enemies with a military tactic that is still used today, what is it called? divide and conquer
When God gave Joshua the plan to defeat Jericho, the Israelites were to march around the the city for six days, once a day. On the seventh day, they were to march around the city how many times? What were they to do on the last lap? 7 Make noise
God told Israel to destroy everything in Jericho. One man disobeyed and took plunder for himself. What was his name? Achen
The book of Judges begins with telling about how most of the tribes entered Canaan and succeeded in taking over the territories they were given. T or F True
It is noted that Samuel was the primary author of Judges 1&2 Samuel. T or F False
The title of the book describes those that ruled after ______ Joshua
The book of Judges covers approximately how many years? 325
Through those years each of the tribes were self governing. T or F True
The book of judges serves two primary purposes: a.The history of Israel between Joshua and Samuel b. The cycle of Israel's sin
Explain the "sin" cycle that Israel was caught up in. They kept leaving God's command and going their own way.
The Israelites were told by God to get as many of the Canaanites to stay and making their settling of Canaan as easy as possible. T or F False
How many total judges were there in the book of Judges? 13
The word judge means one who presides over courts, oversees laws and challenges the Israelites when they want to go to war. T or F False
God chose these judges arbitrarily, not because of their law experience. T or F True
God chose these judges for three specific purposes: 1. To have fair judgement 2. Deliverance from foreign oppression. 3. based on Godly beliefs
Ehud Killed the fat Moab king
Othniel kept peace in Israel for 40 years
Deborah & Barak deliverance from Canaan
Jephthah had to sacrifice his daughter
Gideon deliverance from Midin
Samson unnatral strength
The books of Kings and Chronicles highlight three phases in Israel's history : 1. The United Kingdom 2. The Divided Kingdom 3. The Surviving Kingdom
Soon after King Solomon's death, the tribes separated into the _________ kingdom (Israel) and the ________ kingdom (Judah) Southern Northern
1 & 2 Samuel were originally together as one book in the Hebrew scriptures. The author was in fact Samuel. True or False False
2 Samuel confines its coverage to Davids rule, a period of how many years? 40
What were the years King David served? What does BC stand for? 1010 - 970 B.C. Before Christ
2 Samuel is the only book that tells about the ___ and ________ in David's family. Sin Rebellion
Abner was the commander of the army at Saul's death. He helped crown Saul's son as king. What was Saul's sons name? Ish - Bosheth
David returned to what city where he was crowned king by the people of Judah? Hebron
David did not approve of the killing of Abner and Ish-Bosheth. True or False? True
What was the name of the new city that King David sought as the site for the name capital? Jerusalem
Jerusalem was a city in the low lands, surrounded by water, lakes and lush gardens. True or False False
How did David's army enter into Jerusalem in order to over take it? Through what? The water tunnels
Jerusalem had two additional names, what were they? Zion City of David
David built a palace for himself before he built a temple for God and the Ark of the Covenant. True or False True
Jerusalem became not only the political and geographical center of Israel, but also became the _______ center as well. religious
God revealed to Nathan (the prophet) that David's son would be the one to build the temple for God. What was David's sons name? Solomon
Israel became the leading nation of the Fertile Crescent in what century? 10th
Under both David's and Solomon's reign, the kingdom stretched from the southern edge of the ______ desert to the ______ ______ of Mesopotamia Negev Euphrates River
The Philistines were master what? Craftsmen
David struggled with building military strength of Israel. True or False False
Israel became the dominant power in : Western Asia
The bible story of David is very detailed about his ___ and ______ sin shame
Bathsheba was the wife of who? Uriah
David was duplicit in his sin. Define duplicity. deceitful in speech and conduct
David was known as a man after - God's own heart
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