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Theo I S2 Review

Review for semester 2 final exam

What is a saint? a person who dies and makes it to heaven
Why should we pray? because in order to have a strong relationship with someone we have to talk to them, same is true with God
Why does it seem like God does not answer prayers sometimes? because God knows what is best for us always and sometimes that is different than what we are praying for
What are the four types of prayer? Adoration (praise and love of God), Thanksgiving, Petitions (asking for stuff), and Contrition (forgiveness prayers).
What is a sacrament? A visible sign of God's invisible grace in our lives (on our souls)
What are the 7 sacrament? Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Confession, Marriage, Last Rites, & Holy Orders.
What are the two types of grace? Sanctifying grace, (need it to get to heaven), and actual grace (our back up grace when we lose the other kind)
How do we lose Sanctifying grace? commit a mortal sin
How do we get Sanctifying grace back? Get forgiveness from God (typically through confession)
What is the purpose of baptism? to get rid of Original Sin and to become a part of God's family.
What are the three types of Baptism? by water, by blood (be a martyr), and by desire (recognize a Creator and try to live a good life)
True/False. Baptism (one of the 3 types) is needed in order to get into heaven. True
What is an indelible mark? A mark on your soul you get it through the sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders). It marks you as one of God's children.
True/ False. You can get rid of a indelible mark. False. It is always with you. That's why you only need those sacraments once.
What grace do we get from Confirmation? We are sealed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
What is the form of Baptism? "I baptize you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit."
What is the matter for Baptism? water
Who is the minister for Baptism? usually a priest or anyone with the intent to Baptize (in case of emergency)
Who is the minister for Confirmation? the bishop usually or a priest (in a special case)
What is the matter used for confirmation? sacred oil or chrism
When did Jesus start Eucharist? At the Last Supper with his Apostles, on Holy Thursday (the night before He died on the Cross)
What is the connection between the Last Supper and the Passover meal? Jesus is the perfect lamb that saves all of us through his blood, like the lamb saved the Israelites with Moses and Pharaoh in Egypt
What is Transubstantiation? The mystery of the Eucharist when the bread and wine change into the Body, Blood and Divinity of Jesus
Can the Eucharist be proven by science? No, it is a mystery of the faith. We believe because Jesus told us and He is truthful
Do you know the Form, Matter and Minister of Eucharist? "this is my body..." & "this is my blood...", bread and wine, Priest.
What grace does confession give us? it restores our sanctifying grace if we've lost is through mortal sin.
What are the two types of sin? Mortal (causes spiritual death) and venial (hurts your relationship with God)
True/False You can commit a mortal sin on accident. False, you have to know it's wrong and be free and do it anyway.
What is contrition? Sorrow for our sins and the firm intention to not sin again. 2 kinds imperfect = for fear of hell, perfect = for love of God
What is the purpose of marriage? for each of the spouse to help get the other to heaven and any children they may have
What does divorce do to a marriage in God's eyes? nothing, only death can break a marriage bond made by God
Who are the minsters for marriage? the spouses, when they give consent to each other, the "I dos" make the marriage
What are some of the sins against marriage? (remember why they are sins) Adultery, Cohabitation, Contraception, Fornication
True love is...? Free, Faithful, Total, and Fruitful
What grace does Last Rites (or Anointing of the Sick) bring to a person? Healing grace, the peace to deal with suffering, peace for a "happy death" or sometimes actual physical healing
What is the matter used for Last Rites? blessed olive oil
When should a person get Last Rites? When they might die, are really sick or going through a risky surgery, etc.
What grace is brought to a person with Holy Orders? the grace to be faithful to their vows to God (like the grace of marriage, to be faithful to their spouse)
Who is the leader of the Catholic Church? the Pope, who serves all of God's children and tries to help lead them to heaven
What are the 3 level of holy orders? Bishop (the highest), priest, and deacons
Who is the minister for Holy Orders? A bishop and it takes 3 bishop or the pope to ordain another bishop
What are the two types of freedom? True freedom = the ability to chose the good that God has planned for us False freedom = the ability to do whatever we want
What is virtue and vice? Virtue a good habit (is the mean in between 2 vices), Vice a bad habit (it's either a defect, a lack or an excess, too much)
What is the conscience? A practical judgment of reason. It is our gift from God to apply His laws to our specific situations.
What is objective morality? Moral laws are true because they come from God and are fact not opinions.
What is subjective morality? The false belief that moral laws are only opinions and there is no truth, no right or wrong.
What are the Theological virtues? Faith, Hope and Love/Charity
What are the 4 Cardinal Virtues? Prudence (the boss), Justice, Courage/Fortitude, and Temperance.
Created by: mccl1000



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