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World War 1 Jamie

final sets of demands ultimatum
prepare its military forces for war mobilize
policy of supporting neither side in war neutrality
deadlock in which neither side is able to defeat the other stalemate
large gas filled balloons, to bomb the English coast zeppelin
undersea boat that did tremendous damage to the allied side, sinking merchant ships carrying vital supplies to britain U-boat
governments began to take a stronger role in directing the economic and cultural lives of their people total war
the draft which required all young men to be ready for military or other service conscription
make your side seem better propaganda
horrible acts committed against innocent people atrocity
a list of Woodrow Wilson's terms for resolving this and future wars Fourteen Points
agreement to end fighting with the allies Armistice
influenza, flu that killed 20 million people worldwide Pandemic
payments for war damage reparations
Austia-Hungary, Germany, Italy Triple Alliance
France, Russia, Britain Triple Entente
four main causes of WWI militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism
what started WWI Serbia killed the Austrian-Hungary heir to the throne
What three main countries made up the Central Powers Austria-hungary, Germany, Optamin Empire
what were the 3 new weapons of WWI tanks, airplanes, and submarines
what country surrendered and left the war in 1917 while facing a civil war Russia
What impact did Russia leaving have on the war Germany moved all troops to france so there wasn't a 2 front war
what country entered the war on the Allied side in 1917 USA
Why did the US enter the war german sub warfare and they sent a letter to Mexico to attack the US
What impact did the US have fresh troops, and came in strong
What side won WWI Allies
What were the costs of the war a lot of people dies, expensive, flu pandemic, people lost faith in democracy
What 3 European countries made up the Allied Powers Russia, France, and Britain
What were three outcomes of the Treaty of Versailles Germany had to pay war debt, Germany took full blame, german army reduced, formed the league of nations
Who came to power in Russia after WWI Stalin, bolshaviks, lemin, communists
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