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Unit 5 religion

chapters 17 to 20

when did Jesus pray? all the time
who is the successor of Saint Peter? the pope
what is the name for a gathering of the pope and all the bishops of the Church? ecumenical council
what does every Christian have? vocation
Which commandment requires husbands and wives to be faithful to each other? 6th
why aree the four main virtues called the "cardinal virtues"? they are central to living a moral life
who taught her husband, children, and country about Jesus? St. Margaret of Scotland
When is the sacrament of Holy Orders celebrated? during mass
Whom was Matthias chosen to replace? Judas
Which Commandment requires us to take good care of our bodies? 6th
was called the rock upon which jesus built his Church Peter
used his love of god and sense of humor to help people believ in Jesus St. Philip Neri
believed h was too young to be a prophet Jeremiah
called the Church to the Second Vatican Council Blessed John XXIII
worked in Columbia against the slavery of kidnapped Africans St. Peter Claver
worked for the rights of Mexican American farm workers Ceasar Chavez
called the bishops to the First Vatican Council Blessed Pius IX
heard the Lord speak to him in a whisper Elijah
taught that African Americans have much to bring the Church St. Thea Bowman
was known as a peacemaker St.Leo the Great
helps us resist temptations and conquer fears fortitude
th chief teachers of the Catholic Church Bishops
enables us to judge the result of choices we are considering prudence
the sacrament in which men are ordained to serv the Church in a special way Holy Orders
the sacrament in which a woman and a man promise to be faithful to each other Matrimony
helps us see what we owe God and our neighbors justice
means that a man made a commitment to spend his life serving the Catholic Church ordained
helps us avoid wanting too much of something, evn if it is good temperance
a person who speaks in the name of God prophet
helps us express our sexuality in the proper way chastity
The _______ is the head of the Catholic Church and the bishop of Rome. Pope
a virtue is a good __________ habit
when a family acts like Christ in the world it is called the _____________ domestic church
some men and women take a ____ to live thir lives in service to the church vow
our bodis are ________ of the Holy Spirit temples
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