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Serv Safe Chapter6

Flow of food - purchasing, receiving, and storage

Receiving food that is cold the temperature should be 41 degrees or cooler
Receiving food that is hot the temperature should be 135 degrees or higher
Receiving food that is frozen the food should not have ice crystals or fluids on the bottom of the case
Shell eggs must be received at a air temperatures of 45 degrees or lower
Milk and dairy products must be received at 41 degrees or fewer
Raw shucked shellfish are packaged in nonreturnable containers,if less than one-half gallon a use by or sell by date is shown
Live shellfish come with a tag that employees must the last shell fish was sold or served Keep tags for 90 days
Sliced melons or produce must be received at 41 degrees or less
Prepackaged juice must be purchased from a supplier with a HACCP plan
Fish served raw or partially cooked should be frozen by supplier -4 for at least 7 days, -31 or lower until frozen solid for 15 hours, -31 until frozen then at -4 for at least 24 hours
Food from approved source will have what type of stamp USDA
Most important factor in choosing an approved food supplier has been inspected and complies to local, state, and federal laws
Containers of raw shucked shellfish bigger than one-half gallon must have a name and address of packer, certification number and a shucked date
Top to bottom order how should the following be shelved, fresh pork, fresh salmon, carton of lettuce, and pan of fresh chicken breast lettuce, salmon, pork, chicken
Raw poultry should be placed in the cooler on what shelf Bottom
What is FIFO FIFO allows for the older supplies to be used first
When TCS is prepared onsite what must be on the label Sell by or discard date
What is the warmest temperature that ground beef can be safely stored? 41 degrees
How should coleslaw in cartons be checked? Open carton and insert thermomter in center
A package of beef carries a state department of agriculture inspection stamp, what does this mean The meat and processing plant met certain standards
Dry storage items should be held at what temperature 50-70 degrees
Tuna salad prepared can be stored at 41 degrees for how many days 7 days
Do not line shelves with aluminum foil because Can restrict the flow of air
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