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Serv Safe Chapter5

Flow of food Introduction

For thick food items Bimetallic Stemmed Thermometer
Sensing area on thermometer is at the tip Thermocouples and Thermistors
For checking temperatures of liquids Immersion probes
Used to check flat surfaces like a griddle Surface probes
Used for internal temperatures in thin foods like burgers Penetration probes
Use to check air temperatures inside ovens and coolers. Air probes
Measure food and equipment surfaces Infrared Thermometers
are attached to frozen foods to show if the food has been time temperature abuse the food has been time temperature abuse Time Temperature Indicator "TTI"
How long should a thermometer be held under ice water when calibrating 30 seconds or until indicator stops
When taking a temperature of foods, insert probe into thickest part and wait how long 15 seconds
After cutting raw chicken the cutting board should be washed, rinsed and sanitized
To prevent cross-contamination used what when prepping meals designated cutting boards
Infrared thermometers should be used to measure the surface temperature of a grill
Temperature that foodborne pathogens grow the most quickly at between 70 to 125 degrees
Use what probe to check stock pot of soup Immersion probe
What type of themometer is NOT appropriate for use in a restaurant Glass thermometer
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