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Serv Safe Chapter2


FATTOM Food Acidity Temperature Time Oxygen Moisture
Four common pathogens that can cause contaminated food are? Virus, Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi
TCS Temperature Control For Safety
Virus linked to ready to eat foods, on feces of sick people, mild fever and general weakness, make sure to buy shellfish from an approved, reputable supplier Hepatitis A
A virus found in ready to eat food, feces of sick people, washing hands prevents me. Norovirus gastroenteritis
Bacillus cereus gastroenteritis, Listeriosis, Hemorrhagic colitis, Clostridium perfringens gastroenteritis and Botulism Controlled by Time and Temperature
Salmonellosis can be prevented by controlling cross contamination
Shigellosis and Staphylococcal gastroenteritis can be prevented by Practicing personal hygiene
Preventing Vibro vulnificus primary septicemia by Purchasing from approved, reputable suppliers
Bacteria from farm animals,eggs, produce and poultry that causes diarrhea and vomiting Salmonellosis
Bacteria from TCS foods like salads, that produce toxins and cause retching and abdominal cramps Staphylococcus aureus
Bacteria that lives in the soil and rice dishes. I give you watery diarrhea. Bacillus cereus
Bacteria from spores and I am linked to meat and poultry. Clostridium perfingerns
Bacteria that does not need oxygen to grow and I like canned or ROP foods. I give you double vision. Clostridium botulinum
Bacteria found if feces of people, along with bloody diarrhea and fever. I stay around for weeks Shigella
Parasite found in produce, contaminated water that gives you diarrhea and fever. Giardia duodenalis
Parasite in fish like mackerel that makes a person cough up worms Anisakis simplex
Parasite passed by feces being touched. I give you watery diarrhea and weight loss. Crytosporidium parvum
Fungi that produces alcohol-like oder and may look pink or slimy. Yeast
Fungi that can produce dangerous toxin and I grow well in jelly and salami. Mold
Seafood toxin build up in tropical reef fish such as barracuda. I give you tingling lips and joints for years Ciguatoxin
Seafood toxin when time temperature abused, bacteria on the fish make me and I will cause your mouth fill like it is burning Histamine - Scombroid poisoning
Seafood toxin found in marine algae and linked to scallops. I can cause death or paralysis. Found off New England coast. Saxitoxin - Paralytic shellfish poisoning PSP
Seafood toxin that can cause memory loss and abdominal pain. Found in the Pacific Northwest Domoic acid - Amnesic shellfish poisoning ASP
Seafood toxin that reverse sensations of hot and cold, linked with clams, makes limbs go numb and found off coast of Florida Brevetoxin - Neurotoxin shellfish poisoning NSP
Temperatures that foodborne pathogens grow well at between 31 to 135 degrees
Found in hair, nose, and throat of humans Staphylococcus aureus
Linked to contaminated ground beef and produce Shiga Toxin-producing E. Coli
Cooking to right temperature will reduce this Salmonella spp.
Covering wounds prevents the spread of Staphylococcus aureus
Shellfish contaminated by sewage and ready to eat foods may cause this Hepatitis A
Seafood toxins can best be prevented by buying from approved, reputable suppliers
Illness from raw oysters Vibrio gastroenteritis
Found in soil, water and plants. Lives in moist environments, can cause miscarriage and newborns Listeriosis
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